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  1. Soter says:

    Thank you Nial
    I am a beginner and my problem is how do you draw high probability support and resistance levels.

  2. matovu zaid murisho says:

    i am a beginner in forex trading and i need your help on how to use the price action strategy. i also want to become a member of your team. thank you

  3. matovu zaid murisho says:

    i am still a learner and i want to perfect in forex trading using the price action strategy. i need your help on how to become a member of your team .

  4. Rahmat says:

    Hi Nial, thanks for the video. My thought is what is the tale behind market support and resistance? are they Seller and Buyer’s maximum money to be committed in that level.

  5. kadi says:

    Hello Nail, all the videos that you posted in this blog are helpfull. I would like to thank you so much. Really you do a great work here.

  6. OZ says:

    Please I want to learn and be an expert in forex trade if I can get any help.thanks

  7. siyabonga says:

    great advice thank you

  8. Aron says:

    Thanks for presenting price action in a very simple way. I am still learning price action

  9. christzita says:

    Thank you sir for the weekly signals is what I’m using tto trade and is help me,thank once again may God bless you.

  10. dikeledi says:

    Hi Nial
    I did not understand the graphs first but after I have seen the videos I now have clear picture thanks

  11. Hayder says:

    Nail , you are always Wonderful .

  12. Neo says:

    PAtience is profitable

    1. NTrader says:

      strongly agree

  13. tayyab says:

    sir plz tell me .. are u also going to give us a signals in your membership ?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      We post up a daily trade setups video.

  14. tr@de2win says:

    Nial, How is it in your video that you do not consider the mother bar, inside bar, and pinbar fakey to be a PAS for entry but are waiting for a pullback?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      My initial view worked out perfectly. The market pulled back and then retraced higher strongly. Just because a price action setup forms doesn’t mean we have to trade it, sometimes experience tells us to remain patient for a more ideal setup (and in this example patience paid off).

      1. tr@de2win says:

        Thanks Nial. I’m still working on being patient :-)

  15. peta says:

    I am retreshing an interest and study i began and completed earlier in the year and i am very pleased to have understood and agreed with all your views.thanks for the oportunity to see,cheers Peta

  16. Karna Ram says:

    Your commnts & relevancy regarding price movements of forex currency pairs are undoubtedly beyond the shadow of doubts & excellently remarkable.

  17. Jaime says:

    Great example of how to keep the things simple under a logic frame work…. looking forward to seeing more videos like this … super like … greetings from Colombia

  18. nba says:

    Thanks Nail, you make me a man of hope in my life.

  19. bobby boucher says:

    Well done, Nial.

  20. Daniel Ekah says:

    Thank you, Nial. you are a guru, and your video is great!.

    Remain Blessed.

  21. Halilu Yahaya says:

    Very educative as usual. Thanks Sir Nial

  22. ldt says:

    hi,Nial from Viet Nam

    you and your Strategies really changed mylife, sure !!!

    thank you very very much !!!!

  23. Kalai says:

    Hi Nial,
    Tank you so much for the analysis. It is good to know I am on same page as you to go long on this trade. Do you analyse the weekly charts or monthly charts for SPY?

  24. Junior Dias says:

    Great article, Nial|!

    Thank’s from Brazil!

  25. David Di Maria says:

    Hey Nial
    Nice video , would you consider placing an order without waiting for a for a confirmation bar

  26. carlos says:

    . Thank you, Nial. we need more, like this!

  27. Markus says:

    Hi Nial,
    I thought how brave you are to publish a video like this on the day of an interest decision of the FED. You know how volatile markets can be at such a day – and after. I know you prefer “pure price action” but I still like to have more of a general picture and that tells me it might become more and more difficult for stock markets to rise. Looking at the chart I would never had the idea that it would go back to something like 2011-2030 and then rise again. Thanks for that point of view, for me that’s very interesting! So I’m keen to watch the charts for the coming weeks from the sidelines.

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Markus, I prefer not to over-think. If a market is trending higher I am looking to buy, and if it’s trending lower I’m looking to sell. People often get caught up in a game of thinking themselves out of perfectly good trades by thinking it’s “too high” or “too low”, then they miss all the big moves and finally when the market has proven them wrong enough times, they decide to jump in right before the trend actually does reverse finally.

      Don’t over-think or over-analyze. Learn to trade the price action and follow what it is telling you. News and all of that is factored in. You can see that today clearly…the S&P500 continued higher despite the US interest rate decision and anything else that happened.

  28. Oscar says:

    today´s market is getting higher, no pull-back, no good for swing traders.

  29. Yosep Kasim says:

    Great video,

    Very consistent on your strategy….

  30. Neville says:

    Thanks Nial – one of the most useful videos you have published. Would be great to see similar videos on other markets as well.

  31. Marco says:

    We have to wait 2 weeks, that’s probably the most important aspect of the video: patience. The analysis tells you where to look for the trade. So if you need to wait 2 weeks, be patience. The price will give you an oportunity and you will do money, don’t worry. That’s important. Trading is not a work in which you have to make money every day o put X positions per week. Sitting back and doing nothing is part of trading, and probably the 80% of the trading work is do nothing, am I right?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Marcon you are 100% correct, good trading is sitting on the sidelines waiting. Be patient and wait for the trades to come to you.

  32. Dot says:

    Thanks Nial, you explain this so it can be understood . It would be helpful if you could show more live videos like this as makes sense how one has to be patient .

  33. marisa says:

    Nice video Nial. Well done! Muchas gracias

  34. P.N. Ranganathan, Ph.D. says:

    Hello Nial,
    As always, you are sincere, and try to be logical. Now: 1) it has already re-traced 2075-1860=215 pts (how many pips equivalent is that?), a very high value; 2) It has 13 up-trending bars, incl 4 very strong pushes; 3) High is 2123 – if you believe in those lines (I prefer regions), you have only 48 points left; 4) this is longer-term chart.
    Question: If you believe in cyclic nature of markets, Don’t all these indicate market “nearing” exhaustion? Probability for even moderate wins are very low, which says .. — Look for other markets till you can SELL this?
    ps. Sometimes, simplicity is inadequate. Complex (not complicated) entities ARE needed – As a scientist, I have observed that reality umpteen times.

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Hey Ranganathan,

      Interesting points you have made. If you listen to my comments I am talking about waiting for a pull back to support and more evidence to confirm a long entry, the entry would be closer to 2011-2034, and thus it is 100 + points back to the previous high. I am looking at the broader chart formation here, the market has really hammered in a bottom in the last few weeks and price has forced its way back up above some major resistance levels (1975 and 2011 are significant levels). Just because the market has gone up 150 to 200 points does not mean it can’t go up another 150 or 200+ points. As I have said in recent articles, the market often goes much further than most imagine, and most sit by and watch the big moves instead of trading them.

  35. Adam Turnbull says:

    Thank you. This is great stuff. Especially where you put your stops.

  36. martin says:

    Love the video Nial. Always good to see you break down the charts and show us how it should be down. Cheers.

  37. dan says:

    HI Nial,
    does the last three candle is not consider a Fakey set up?


    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Dan it is, but the bars in this pattern are very small, and the pattern has occured right at the top of this leg higher, for me it’s not in the right position to be able to manage risk correctly. In the video I have said I want to wait for a pull back or more evidence to get long. You are in theory correct, the pattern is a fakey and the market could rally higher on the back of this price pattern.

  38. Mari says:

    Hello Nial! Thank you very much for this video, really explanatory and helpful to make a trade on the following weeks.

    I had already thought about this entry but not yet decided about the area for the SL. Thank you :))

  39. bouchaib says:

    I am really so proud to jion in your comunity
    i like your articls and your vedeos as well.
    have a nice day

  40. George says:

    It is always good to have good analysis to look at as it reaffirms the importance of sticking to the trading plan and applying patience and discipline.

  41. Gabriel says:

    Thank you, Nial ! It looks so easy and clear when you explain …

  42. Dan says:

    Great video!! Really helps to see your thought process.

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