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Drawing Support and Resistance on Forex Charts

Drawing Support and Resistance – Planning the Trading Week Ahead.

Todays Video Talks about how to Draw Support and Resistance on Your Forex Charts. Every Sunday, traders should draw support and resistance levels and plan the trading week ahead, it’s something I have done for years, and it works! This video will explain how to draw the levels correctly on the EURUSD currency pair. Enjoy the Tutorial.

Video Synopsis – Drawing Support and Resistance – Planning the Trading Week

This video discusses how to draw support and resistance levels on your charts in order to plan for the upcoming trading week. Every Sunday afternoon I take the time to go through the charts and plot my key support and resistance levels, look for any relevant price action, turning points or swing points. The best thing you can do is plot your levels out on the daily chart before the week begins and every day after the markets close in New York.

The chart in this video is the EURUSD daily chart, one of the first things I do when drawing S & R levels is to mark the major turning or swing points in the market, these are the obvious “pointy” parts on the chart where the market made an obvious change of direction. I marked 6 key levels or swing points on the chart in this video, however that’s not enough, we also need to draw in horizontal lines to connect these key market swing points.

It is best to think of these support and resistance levels as “areas” instead of exact price levels, this allows you to have some leeway with your stop placement. I also draw in the “interim” levels on the chart after drawing in the major S&R levels, these “interim” levels are smaller or perhaps less significant support and resistance levels on the chart.

This video was meant to explain how to draw support and resistance on a forex chart and also how I go a little bit deeper to draw the less obvious “interim” or in-between levels in the market.

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  1. David Armour

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    Thank you very much and I like to watch and learn more with your videos but limited internet only.

    • Mr Rock

      To be sincere, I back tested the strategy used to draw support and resistance levels here by Nial, and I saw it working for me like charm. This guy is awesome! The way i used to trade has now completely and dramatically changed after I started applying Nial fuller’s way of drawing in the levels on the market chart.

      Fuller, thanks for this constructive and awesome article here. God bless you.

      Your ardent site user.

      • Odey

        Thanks for the video

      • Ange Sitondji

        Nial fuler est dieu en trading.

  3. Bongani

    Great video!

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    This is the most very important part of trading especially for us newbies in the Forex trading lifestyle.

    Simple and easy to follow and understanding methods

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    Very good attempt. it is very useful for new comer.

  8. rajesh vishwakarma

    good video Nial..making use of swing points to define S-R levels..Thanks a lot

  9. rajesh vishwakarma

    Thank you Nial..Its a difficult and confusing aspect of analysis which u have made very simple to follow & learn.

  10. Zdenka

    Hey Nial :)
    Greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  11. Samuel David Jackson

    ii am really happy for this new insight i’ve gotten from you….i am really taking my time to practice it,and i can see what you mean when you say price action trading strategy is a pure and accurate trading strategy…i am really happy to know you..thanks nail

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      Thank you Nial. This lesson give me better trade every sigle day.

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    Just a newbie, planning to start trading in the New Year.
    I am looking for a stratergy to give me an edge and I
    Think your method of Price Action makes good sense to me.
    I have been looking at Forex methods for about six months now.
    So I am going to read everything on your site first before I start.
    Keep up the good work.
    Also could you tell me what platform you are using.
    Chris AW

  16. jonathan jotex

    i started crying when i saw your support and resistance drawing and looking back in time to see how it works in confluence.Nial you are really the best guy dude.a big Thanks to you,GOD BLESS YOU

  17. Ellis Russell

    Don’t Pivot lines serve the same purpose as these Support and Resistance lines?

  18. suman chaudhary


    you are great mentor and your post are perfect for every trader

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  20. martin

    This is the best thing video ever thanks a lot.

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    Hi Nial

    I was using so many indicators before this. Now i know that just by depending on price action we can make some good profit.

    Thanks again, you are great

  22. Roland

    Beautifully and simply explained. This will surely improve my trading experience. thanks.

  23. Amel


    i have been watching your videos on line ,and i noticed that you are really giving a sincere ,and valuable informations.

    i would like to say thank you ,i am planning to take your course for a $333.00 it’s a donation ,i am just waiting for my taxe refunds
    ,and to help you continue doing the good work.

    thinks are tight around here

  24. eric granatha

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  25. eric granatha

    good video, easy to understand explanations. I hope you continue sends an article or a video about setup actions for further price increase my understanding of it. Thanks a lot

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    Hi Nial
    Thanks for that vidio, I sometimes get myself tied up knowing where to draw these lines ie at the body, at the end of the wick etc. Probibly get to exact at times. This type of video helps a lot.

  33. James

    Great Nial,

    I start my trading plan doing exactly the same.
    I even go down to hourly, and even add 15 min for
    daytrade purposes. These are great “static” areas
    to combine with “dynamic” support/resistance such as
    moving averages. Proper price action at a proper static
    area combined with a dynamic area can be a nice lower
    risk higher probability setup.


    I look forward to your updated course materials.

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