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Live Trade – Forex Pin Bar Setups Before FOMC Meeting

Video Synopsis – Forex pin bar setups ahead of FOMC – 4-29-2009

In the above video we are looking at two strong pin bar forex setups on the GBPUSD and AUDJPY daily time frame charts.

We can see the GBPUSD had a large pin bar reversal, two consecutive pin bar reversals in fact. In this video we had a bullish pin bar reversal; this is a candle with a long lower tail that closes well off its low, this one spring boarded higher into the FOMC news release.

On the AUDJPY we had a false break signal; one of my favorites. We had multiple inside bars and then the tail on the candle in discussion probed below the low of the large outside bar’s support level at 68.00 then rejected up higher, a very clean false break setup, I was long on the close of this rejection candle. I was looking for a test of 70.35 or higher if the FOMC number came out higher.

*Update* - Price did indeed push past 70.35 after this video was made, it actually pushed up to 76.00 before experience any significant retracement.

Now, when we see any form of false break in the market, it really is just stop hunting from the bigger market players. They “shimmy” the smaller traders out and then push prices back the opposite direction.

We are just reading raw price action in this video. Check out our live member’s forum for more information, see you soon, take care and good trading.

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  1. Vik

    In the video which ema value are you using on the sail and 4h? Many thanks vik

    • James

      8 and 21 EMA’s

  2. ayesha

    great videos really helpful

  3. George


  4. phillip.t

    I am slowly mastering pinbars. I find inside pins work very well.

  5. Norbert Stenseth

    Hello Nial
    I am watching your training videos . Your teaching is the best I have found and I will buy your course. I have been involved with Forex for two years. After a year of frustration taking trades that worked some of the time, I realized that education was essential to become one of the 5% that are successful. I have taken your advice and simplified my charts. Thanks for your help. Norbert

  6. Robert March

    Great stuff! I appreciate all the wonderful help you supply and find the video’s especially convenient. Thank you for all your help and I am sure that I will become a very successful Forex trader. Gooday all.

  7. max orr

    Hi Nial,
    Great work! Could you please explain your reasons for using the New York close, as mentioned in an earlier video.

    • nial

      New York close Forex Charts are the ones I have followed, and these must be used to relfelct the same signals and views I have on my charts. If you follow other types of charts, you wont have the same signals as me. It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to learn my methods, then New York close charts are the ones.