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Live Trade – Pin Bar Forex Trading Strategy

Below Is a Video of a Daily Chart Pin Bar Signal On AUDUSD Currency Pair. This Is a Trade I Posted Live on 16/1/2012. I Wanted To Share With You All How I Do My Analysis and What I look for on the charts before entering a trade. Please do not use this as trading advice and make your own decisions before entering any trades.

Here is The Risk Reward Trading Tutorial I Talked About In the Video

Video Synopsis – AUDUSD Daily Chart Pin Bar Reversal Setup

In the above video, I talked about a bullish reversal setup, trading with the trend, plotting levels and trading in a "swinging market".

I am looking at the daily chart time frame in the above video and we are looking at the last few months of price data in the AUDUSD. I draw in the key support and resistance levels on the chart first. Then it's determined we have a sideways market overall with a short-term bullish trend.

In the above video, I entered a long trade (buy entry) based purely on the market's price action. As I say in the video; there's never going to be the exact same setup twice, but what we are looking for a is a trading "edge", this is a repetitive price action setup that we can use to enter the market from. In this video, I am talking a bullish pin bar setup that formed in the AUDUSD that signaled that lower prices were being rejected and that price wants to move higher. A tail on a bullish pin bar signals bullish momentum whereas a tail on a bearish pin bar signals bearish momentum.

In the pin bar in this video I talk about the 50% retrace entry, this is a pin bar entry strategy I discuss in my courses and members area. I talk about placing my stop loss just below the pin bar low which is the typical stop loss placement on a pin bar setup. After defining your stop loss level you need to find a logical target area to place your exit target. I typically look for a risk reward of 1:2 or greater, depending on the surrounding market structure.

I close the video by talking about the fact you will have losing trades sometimes, and I have them sometimes and I do talk about them as you'll see in my commentary...I'm not afraid to talk about losing trades. But, hopefully if you have a solid edge like price action, you can put the odds in your favor over the long-run and make money.

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  1. Mahlomola

    Thank you very much this is making forex trading interesting now as I am still learning

  2. James

    Great video. I especially enjoyed the idea of all the investment banks and hedge funds and pension fund traders all sat around the world, staring at the same charts and analyzing price action. Its good to get in syn with the smart money. Thank you Nial.

  3. Mahmudul Hasan

    love u boss….

  4. rajesh vishwakarma

    Good video..very simple and effective

  5. Nam

    Good trade

    • Hafeez Rasheed

      Hi Nial Fuller

      Greeting from me and my family thanks you gave us very good strategy which name is Pin bar strategy this is very interesting and accurate strategy may you live long

  6. hiệp


  7. ashok

    nice to help others, thank you.

  8. Paul Jiya

    Thanks a lot for your effort to teaching newbies like me. However, the video was breaking and not clear.

  9. pritam


  10. pritam


  11. haiwatigere

    yeah gone back to see what happenned – gotta say you put youself out there but you were spot on and that 1.075 was reached with change to spare
    Thank you sir -you good

  12. waterman

    i have never seen before such a simplistic approach to forex trading like this.Nial ,only a genius can do this way.Congrats

  13. cris

    no sound on this video,too bad !

  14. Jehsan

    Just new to Forex. We will get along as time goes on.

  15. oduor sadia

    great Nial long live Nial Fuller.

  16. Dick

    It became a very nice trade Nial, i just checked it but what i saw was that my candlechart was a bit different as your chart on the video . Can you explain how this is possible?
    Hope to hear a reaction Nial.
    Regards Dick.

  17. RC

    I actually saw that video on the day he posted and I made US$ 800.00. It was sweet!!! Nial is the best trading course in the market, in my opinion!

  18. Yaniu

    Hey Nial,


    After over a month from when you uploaded this video, watching this again and taking a look back at the AUD/USD price action, I’m just blown away!

    Not only did this trade end in profit, but you were spot on as price took about 14 days to reach the 1.0750 level!

    Also along the way there were many Pin Bar setups that ended up winners!

    This is the best and only place for Price Action Forex.

    Keep up the great great work. Respect!


  19. Ratheesh

    Hello Nial,
    I am really excited by your strategy, hope I will be in your members group very soon.

  20. Dane Middleton

    I love your videos, I watch them over and over. Thanks for being a real human, showing all angles of the game – much respect

  21. Danny

    This was a great trade with several price action setups along the way to enter. I entered Once again on a 50% pullback of the most recent pin and took a profit of 1:3. At the time of this video being posted I already was up 1:2 on a previous trade but have just closed out for a 1:3. A nice little addition to my trading account. Great video.

  22. Michał

    very good trade :)

  23. Lionell Dixon

    And he does it again! Thanks for another great one Nial!!!!

  24. golam minhaz

    thanks a lot for this nice video.

    this method makes me happy .

    again thanks.

  25. Piotr

    Hi Nial,

    thanks for the great video!It’s very difficult to keep things simple while trading and every time I watch any of your videos I m trying to look at charts the same as you master!Nice and simple!



  26. Steffen

    Great video Nial. I love the comment that went something like “some credit downgrades happened in EZ over the weekend, I don’t really care…”.

    You are absolutely right not to care. I’ve only lately noticed how pointless it is to follow news because it only mixes your thoughts. Sure they might have an effect on the market but usually the daily price action itself is dominant.

    I missed out on this trade because of my too bearish bias. Maybe next time. Good luck

  27. Barry

    Good Call, Nail, see as of Today (Thursday) you up 160 pips,
    Take care

  28. ELAINE

    Hi Nial, i’m really in love with your website, they are so informative!

  29. george

    Awesome Nial
    Well through on the course now that I have more time.

  30. Lisa Wuornos

    Good stuff, Nial!! I was watching this one as well. It just confirms that what I’ve learned from you has stuck and I know how to spot trading opportunities. Thank you for your website!

  31. akshaya kumar dash

    very excellent and usefull coment

  32. Fayaz

    Wow simply a wining trade target got hit today

  33. Peter

    Great job Nial! This one was a sure winner. I absolutely love your advise from a previous newsletter that said that you have to be patient and shoot like a sniper. That’s gold!

    Thx again.

  34. Jasper

    And it turned out a winner already, nice. I took the NZDUSD yesterday. Same scenario :-) Thanks for everything.

  35. Drazik

    Just Hit my 1:2 profit target… Good to watch to see if it pulls back to form support then moves higher… nice trade.

  36. Nick

    Hi Nial

    Looked at your video, just wondered why you waited as long as you did before entering your trade?

    Couldn’t you have just entered the day after the pin-bar,at its high, and stop loss half-way down its tail?



  37. Martin

    Very good video, makes even more sense having gone through the course a couple of times. Thanks

  38. kotijett

    Thanks Nial.

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  40. Drazik

    Im also in this trade and I am up at the moment and looking for a 1:2 or 1:3 risk reward. Great to see you put up this video Nial. It would be great to see more of the trades you take.

  41. Andrew D

    Hi Nial,
    Just received your email and video; checked my trading diary and found that we must be telepathic. Let’s wait and see what happens!
    I was in this pair long all last week with great success.
    Thanks for the inspiration to keep trading even when the losers come like buses.
    Andrew D

  42. Greg

    It looks like I am too conservative, because I did not take this trade waiting until it breaks 1,038 level then retrace to it confirming that 1.038 became the new support. This looked too risky to me in these volatile times.

  43. Ed

    Thanks for this insight to your trading Nial. Great content.

  44. Michael

    GREAT Video.
    Current market analysis and reasoning for taking a trade is VERY Helpfull! The best way to learn is looking over your mentor’s shoulder to see how they do it!!

  45. claudio del valle

    gracias por tus comentarios y vídeos son muy importantes y necesarios para nuestro aprendizaje

  46. T Allen

    LUV the Video Nial – Great example – Keep the videos coming … it is great to hear your voice and see you walk through an entry on the charts.

  47. GioRoma

    I really love the simplicity (and effectiveness) of price action and your analysis is just superb!!! Thanks.

  48. BB

    i like the psychology in this approach.Appr
    oaching forex from a psychological point of view is somehow more
    comprehensible to me, as opposed to placing faith in technical indicators. The closer your interpretation
    is to the beating heart of price action, the clearer
    the analysis seems to become.

  49. Robby

    Good call Nial. I do think daily chart traders will be watching the close of this candle also….if this candle closes above the open price of the previous candle this will be an engulfing on the bodies .

  50. sniper jeff

    Like it.its great to get your mindset on some trades it helps us novices. it looks like a flat top triangle indicating a break to the upside and trend is up lets hope it smashes that resistance! I went for a similar trade on nzd/usd

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    Many thanks for a great video!

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    Thank you very much for your video presentation.
    We are on the path of improving our trading wisdom
    by following your Course.

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    Thanks Nial!

  54. radiostar

    Excellent video, Nial. Very helpful. More of the same please. BTW, you might consider dropping the background music, it’s quite distracting. Just a bit of constructive criticism, hope it helps.

  55. Michael

    Thanks for the nice and clean charts – well explained. I hope for you that your trade works out well. I see major resistance at the US indices ( Daily ) and therefore in AUDUSD and NZDUSD I currently see the opposite, lol. Big Boys are absorbing all buy orders and preparing for a drop. But this might be wrong of course. My sincere wishes for your further success in 2012.

  56. George

    Well done Nial, like some of the comments you made about daily charts how accurate they are, hope the trade turns out well.

  57. Fred

    Great bit of training on how to do the analysis.


  58. David Amos

    It’s been a while since you put any videos out Nial, I like this one, actually did not take this trade because of the near upside resistance, looks like I am becoming too cautious now!!!

  59. Monica

    Thanks so much for that set up……it helps me learn exactly what to look out for. Could you pls update us if you think the trade may go against your trade and what bars/support/resistance to support that? ie warning signals that it MAY go against? I love your easy methodology!!

  60. Terry

    Thanks for the video lesson. I have been following you for a while now, and I am seeing the logic in plain and simple Price Action. Thanks again!

  61. Johan

    Great lesson,nothing like a hands on “teacher”. Looking at my chart and your lesson at the same time really helped seeing the setup better.Hope it works out.

  62. DRS

    Nial is right – pin bars are very effective price action signals, however, sometimes not spotting a Harami can be a missed opportunity – And you see more of these than pin bars.(really need confirmation for Harami – I think so anyway).

    Just saying.

  63. Ross

    Hi Nial,

    Im waiting for the US Index to sort out what side of the current S/R line it wants be on before i trade AU.

    If you look at a 10 day – 1H chart you will see how it is currently playing out.


  64. Sanjay

    Loads of respect for this. You practise what you preach and that what I love about ltttm.

    Good luck will the trade.


  65. Socratis

    Yeah….. show to those guys out there, saying you have no balls, that they are wrong!!! ;)

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    Excellent Nial, that’s was exactly what the course has taught me, I live for the simplicity of it

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    cool video Nial! More evidence that you put your money where your mouth is.

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    Great to see a video again,
    I have taken the buy nzdusd see how it goes

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    Nail, good work and I really respect you putting your reputation on the line with a live trade. I hope it turns out well but either way , well done .

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    Lets see some of those losing one’s then ;)
    serious good video, love to see these

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    I’m very impressed that you’ve put this video up PRIOR to knowing the outcome of the trade. I hope it goes well for you!