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Inside Bar Forex Strategy AUDJPY – Tweaked Entry

This Video Explains the Inside Bar Forex Trading Entry Setup using the “Failsafe Tweaked Entry”. Watch this Forex Tutorial Video to learn more about the Inside Bar Forex Trading entry and how you can make money using this break out pattern in your trading.

Video Synopsis - Inside Bar Forex Strategy – Tweaked Entry

The above forex trading educational video discusses trading the advanced inside bar “tweak” entry. The setup in the video formed on the AUDJPY on the daily chart, it was an inside bar setup that formed with the existing trend.

The inside bar occurs when a “mother candle” complete engulfs the range, from high to low, of the “baby candle”, or inside bar. I trade the inside bar setup typically on a breakout with a stop entry. The inside bar setup in this video formed just below a strong key resistance level, so in a case like this you would wait for the key level to break, instead of just taking a break out of the mother candle or inside bar. This video gives a “taste test” of the kind of stuff we discuss in the member’s forum and of the concepts I discuss in my trading course.

This video of the inside bar forex trading entry setup tutorial, is a great introduction to the inside bar setup and one of the variations of how it can be traded.

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  1. Chauke

    Hi Fuller

    I am blown away away by the way you simplify these stuff, you’re really a genius.

    I really want to master trading using the inside bars as well as using pin bar as for starters, am thankful to have a great tutor like you.

  2. Colin

    Thanks for doing this easy to understand lesson on understanding inside bars. Very powerful to remind us to use them as a trend continuation bar strategy. thanks

  3. Leon

    Thank you master !

  4. George


  5. bridgespotter

    Lots of inside bars on daily today so time to add them to the pinbars and fakey setups already in my repertoire. Thanks again Nial. Forum really humming.

  6. damion

    Although this trade paid off, is it a good practice to buy close to resistance lines? Also, how often, on average, is there an occurrence of a trading opportunity using your strategy?



  7. Lisa

    I lost several inside-bar trades recently :(
    playing “inside pin-bar combos” in the direction of the
    pin-bars rather than the break-outs.
    I finally *got-a-clue* from the 12/28/08 & 1/1/09 …
    free videos.
    (wait for the break-out confirmation ! …
    despite the price action signal e.g. perfect pin-bars) :(
    Funny how this video also addressed my recent “query” :)
    Although, these inside(pin-bar, combos ?) look to signal the direction of the move …
    and they’re nice little candles for a reasonable
    “tight-stop” / risk-reward etc.
    not all of the recent “inside (pin-bar, combo) break-outs” have been as *pretty* :(

    I actually traded this pair 10/25/09 (against the trend) and made-up for some of my losses, but I need more information/help ~ lol
    I seem to do better against than trend than with,
    even though I know you advise against that for new traders.
    Thanks for the free information, Nial.

  8. TADfx

    Allways informitive.
    all the best Terrance

  9. Matt

    Hi Nial

    On this chart there is also an IB set-up on 21 and 22 October. Would you have also taken this trade on the long side. Also where do you place your stop loss.



    • nial

      Most likely, this trade would havealso been a valid IB break out, but it woul dhave been stopped out or possibly a break even trade.
      I think when you have the resistance level setup as per this videos example, its certainly a higher probability trade.

      The stop is traditionally placed under the inside bars low, or if its a really tight setup, below the mother candle low.
      having said that, many IB break outs are very fast and a tighter stop could be used.