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Can Forex Trading Be Taught?

learning to tradeMany aspiring Forex traders believe they do not need any outside help when learning how to trade the Forex market. I call “an aspiring trader” anybody who is still learning to trade and has not yet been profitable at year’s end.  Part of the allure of trading is the independent lifestyle and freedom that it can provide for you if you are successful at it, but it takes time and knowledge to achieve this, and that knowledge needs to come from somewhere. One negative aspect of the independent attitude that trading elicits in people is the fact that many new or struggling traders believe they can effectively teach themselves how to profitably trade the Forex market (usually a huge mistake).

While it may be the case that some people have an easy time teaching themselves to trade, it definitely is not the case for most, and even for people who do effectively teach themselves to trade profitably, it is almost always after years of frustration and thousands of dollars of lost money and time in trial and error trying to trade with useless trading systems. There is a very simple way to greatly reduce the probability of having to experience such emotionally and financially painful events; follow a respected trading mentor who can share knowledge and years of experiences with you. There is no better way to learn how to trade than from somebody who is already successful in the trading business, we will get to this in detail later in this article, but for now lets discuss how trading can be taught to an aspiring Forex trader.

Nature vs. Nurture

The debate over whether or not trading can be taught simply boils down to the age old psychology issue of “nature vs. nurture”, that is, is trading a skill that can be taught to people who have no prior experience or is it just a natural talent that you are either born with or not? This issue of trading being taught vs. it being a natural gift was first made popular by the famous experiment by Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt who had an ongoing dispute in mid-1983 about whether traders were born or made. Dennis believed he could teach people to become great traders but Eckhardt thought genetics were the determining factor. They posted ads for trading apprentices in the major financial newspapers stating that after a brief training session, the trainees would be supplied with their own trading account.

learn how to tradeThe group was invited to Chicago in December of 1983, after learning the rules Dennis wanted them to trade with; they began trading small accounts in January and after they proved themselves Dennis funded most of the trainees with 1 million dollars in February. This group became known as the “Turtles”, Dennis named them this after a saying he had heard on a recent trip to Singapore. The Turtles went on to become the most famous experiment in trading history because over the next four years they earned a total sum of over $100 million dollars. Richard Dennis thus proved that a simple set of rules could be used to take people with little or no trading experience and turn them into very profitable traders.

The Importance of learning from a Mentor

One of the most ironic aspects of Forex currency trading is that most people think they do not need assistance from a successful professional forex trader while learning to trade. Most people are fully aware that only about 10% of people that attempt trading end up becoming professionals, the other 90% either quit or spend years of grueling trial and error before they figure it out or give up. The irony here is that most people are fully aware of these statistics, at least in the back of their mind, yet few of them are willing to seek the help of a professional trader or trading mentor.

If trading is so difficult and almost everyone knows it, then why are so few traders willing to accept help from someone who has already figured out what it takes to become successful? The simple answer is ego, arrogance, ignorance, any or all of the above. The bottom line however, is that ego and arrogance mean nothing to the market. In fact, being arrogant will only hurt you as a trader; the very fact that some people are unwilling to accept help from a professional trader is probably the very reason why they will fail; an overflow of arrogance. Now I am not claiming I have the “Holy-Grail” here to show you how to print money, but I can confidently say I have “Genuine Knowledge and Real World Trading Strategies” to teach my students, which will not only save them many years of  “searching” for strategies,  but if applied correctly will likely produce high-probability trades on a consistent basis.

Almost every single job in the “real world” requires you be trained “on the job” by a professional who is already experienced at the job. I think it’s safe to say that most “regular” jobs are much easier, at least mentally, than figuring out what it takes to make money consistently in the Forex market. As you need to be trained in any other skill by a professional in the field, so you need to be trained by a professional Forex trader if you want to become one. As I mentioned above; there are people who do learn to trade on their own, but I promise you their path is much harder and filled with many more pitfalls than the person who lets down their walls and accepts the help of a professional trader. Now again, I remind you, I am not promising miracles, but I am promising a “short cut” to knowledge and skills that may otherwise take you years to learn and use. As a trading coach, my job is to transfer my knowledge of trading and guide you to the correct path and in developing the correct trading mindset, so that you can then go out and continue to grow and excel as a trader.

My background

bear-vs-bullI began as a stock trader when I was in high school, I parlayed my interest and passion for trading into a full-time trading career right after I graduated and haven’t looked back since. That’s not to say I haven’t experience my fair share of losses and frustration, because I have, but my passion for trading and natural knack for understanding market dynamics kept my head above water long enough for me to discover the best trading technique in the world; price action analysis. Once I became a fully converted price action trader, by learning from the work of others, my own experiences and screen time, my trading results began getting more consistent and eventually I was managing money for private clients and producing double digit annual percentage returns for them. My extensive work with financial firms here in Australia, as well as learning from other professional traders, has enabled me to see how the ‘big boys’ trade and further enhanced my understanding of how markets move. I have shared my trading style and strategies in my comprehensive price action educational course, which is designed for newbie’s and advanced traders alike. My live seminars have worked to further my teaching style and my students love the flare and style that I have for teaching price action trading.

Price Action is not just a set of rules

While the example of Richard Dennis and the “turtles” was a good example of the fact that trading can indeed be taught, there is a problem with learning a strict set of trading rules. Specifically, strict trading rules will not work in all market conditions; they may work great in a bull market or in a bear market, but fail miserably in sideways markets. What learning price action does for you is gives you a unique perspective on the market that allows you to profit in all market conditions. You are not just learning a strict set of rules that will only work in a bull market; you are learning a way of making sense out of price movement and learning how to spot specific price action setups that can be profitable in all market conditions. In this way, price action is truly the best method to learn how to trade with. If you take my Forex trading course and join my members’ community, not only will I share with you all of my professional trading knowledge and strategies, but in my opinion you are getting taught the most relevant and consistently effective way to trade the markets, which is without doubt, Price action analysis.

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  1. Mamfallu


    Taking into consideration the words of richard Denis.
    “trading can be taught It was an intellectual experiment. We trained them as well as we could. That was the way to do the experiment right, I thought. I tried to codify all the things I knew about the markets. We taught them a little bit about probability, money management, and trading. It turned out I was right. I don’t say that to pat myself on the back, but even I am surprised how well it worked. It’s frightening how well it worked.”

  2. Nelson Ntharametse

    Hi Nial

    Thank you very much for this eye opening lesson, this is great

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    Thanks for always been there

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    It is really important to get training from a very experienced and successful person and I hope this good thing happens with you.

  8. Salawu saheed

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  9. liborius

    Mr Nail thank you very much i have been taking ur lessons for a week now, i have been giving myself lessons … I guess i moved to being the turtle guy …. i have been learning to trade for 6 month maximum. and on my fourth month i made a live account …. first entry i blew it and then the second time i tried till to now i am still growing it , mostly i use the RSI strategy…. i would look on to the price action setup.. thank you once again …….


    all the way from Namibia

    • Thanks for the feedback. We trade and teach pure price action strategies and we don’t recommend using fancy indicators. Our main focus is to trade the price movements using simple yet effective price action strategies.

      • Allan

        I believe that if one can understand crowd psychology a lot can be achieved as it is derived from the charts

      • james papez

        Hi Nial

        Currrently trading only ES. Day only and using pin bar technique on five minutes which works quite well
        Thinking of settling up forex account and doing position trades.
        Thanks so much

  10. Idem Chika

    Indeed you are a professional trader And I believe one day, I will become a professional like you
    Keep it up… the great man.
    Warmest congrats from
    Your aspiring student.

  11. Kibuka

    its important to learn from an informed person. its a way of getting things right.

  12. Darlington

    If You can learn from a master, one day you too will become a master.

  13. Amanyunose sade

    Hi Nial, everything you said about ‘forex trading can be be taught’ is very correct.on
    When i started ‘self learning’ forex trading, It appears i was learning greek and latin.
    It was so vague and confusing, not until i started attending trainings, that it became clearer.

  14. senyonjo john

    As a beginning trader, iam looking forward to learning more from your insights into this industry and i find this information very informative and beneficial to modeling me into this journey of becoming
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  24. Rick Tollefson

    I sent in my resume for the Richard Dennis training back in 1983, but wasn’t one of the chosen…lol. HIs methods were later disclosed by some of his Turtles…

    • Adrian

      We’re they successful because of the selection process?

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    You have delivered yet another masterpiece boss. I am a firm believer on the importance of training, coaching or teaching as a way of transferring a particular skill set. Can i add here that one of the other reason why someone may appear unwilling to accept help from professionals like you is financial constraint . For instance your mentor ship program is not free, so one has to come up with the money to enroll with you. I am in this category for now but seriously working towards availing myself this opportunity of coming under your tutelage soon.

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    In the past I have paid a lot of money for training only to find the trainer, despite having a lot of knowledge not being able to make money out of trading, and having to make money out of newbies. These clowns makes people skeptical of the real deal.

    Nial I’ll be joining you shortly.



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    I have been a forex trader since 2008 and I cannot boast of any tangible profits, eventhough I was taught. Although my trainer quits years back, I still fights on.
    I have been using every single lesson I learnt from you Nial on price action analysis to trade since last week, and I can proudly say you’re the best teacher I’ve ever come across with.
    I’m building my account from scratch again and immediately I’m financially able to subscribe to your full training and members community, I’ll be your guest!
    Thanks Nial.

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    Finished my courses at babypips.com (I think some of u should go there too)

    And bam!! I caught Nial here teaching a priceless strategy… PRICE ACTION… God!! This guy is a God sent to me..

    Nial thank you for being a father to many..

    You are even a better teacher than Soros!!

    I will become a profitable trader…

    Thank you

    Wealth Peters

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    i was a victim of this. i read nonsense write-ups from sites of people who said “you will be the one to develop your own trading strategy” so i felt i needed not to learn from the pros. but after i have wiped out $30,000 in my demo account, so i decided to learn.

    Niel; you are the best mentor i have ever met .
    God bless you.

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    Thanks for the great article. Like most new things in life, you have to learn in order to able to do them well. I believe learning how to trade is no different as it provides one with a solid foundation. Certainly, there are traits in successful traders that are natural but I believe that it also takes training, experience, hard work dedication, patience, belief, discipline, sacrifice…. to achieve success. In my experience, people don’t actually see the amount of work that goes into achieving success. There is a tendency of only taking the high level view of success, and then presuming that it’s easily achievable. I honestly believe that a trader can be taught but he/she has to develop the necessary skills through training, hard work… In addition, a mentor such as yourself can help build a solid foundation as you have been there and done it. I look forward to learning from you.?

  50. siyabonga

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    Having the opportunity to learn from you as a professional trader has given me the confidence to try Forex again, especially as an EOD trader, which with the benefit of Daily Price Action, simply makes sense. Why burn yourself out trying to trade during intraday moves, when clearly a Daily Bar of Candle has “24 times” the information embodied in it as a hourly chart.



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    if you are serious about trading, then you should spend the most money on education and only trade very very small.. if you start trading live…

    I also think that you cant have authentic feel for the market if you always trade demo, and you dont treat it as your own money.

    Being arrogant is just stupid, if you are openminded and share your ideas and questions on forums with other traders you might learn something.

    every trader must think what is proper timeframe for them and their trading style.

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    Thanks “Mate”

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    Dear great teacher,you have given another good lesson of immense value.There is nothing worth doing that does not require training,mentoring,learning and studying. All professions are the same. To be outstanding in a profession is a product of intense learning and studying from the respected masters of that particular profession.
    Forex cannot be of lesser value.It should be learned inside and out before one should go into it. If most of us knew this before now,we would not have lost as much money,time and effort as we have done.
    However God brought you,Nial to be our savior. Not that others cannot be like you but most professional traders are more interested on the material-robot,software,ebook etc- they will sell to you than your knowledge of the market.
    Learning from you has been a life line for me. Since a month ago that I got in contact with you my trading knowledge has gotten better than it was in the past two years.
    Thank you again Nial,

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    Elsewhere you suggest that one masters your 3 price action alerts-the Fakey, the Pin Bar and the Inside Bar. Is the order of doing this important? If so, what is the suggested order. A definition of mastery?

    Not looking for short cuts so much as making best use of limited time. This week old member is now past 72 years and again thanks! Larry

    • nial

      The Pin bar would be the first strategy to master


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    our vision from seeing the technical truth!

    Not only are ALL indicators some derivative or algorithm
    of price itself, they’re detrimental to seeing markets clearly. ALL indicators lag, create a crutch, generate conflict and noise but mainly…they cloud our vision
    from what’s most important…price!

    As always, a clean, clear and educational read.


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    • nial

      I rarely look at news. In case of NFP, i will note it and be aware of it, but it won’t come into the equation very often.

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    At the end of the dat, it is the movement ib”prices’ that we are all trading!

    As a newbie, my set-back so far has been not recognising o/bought and o/sold areas!

    Ideally, like all serious traders, i would like my take profit target to be triggered before stop loss target!

    still learning…your guidance is priceless

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