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    Price Action Confluence Trading Strategy

    Below is a Price Action Forex Trading Strategies Video Tutorial – Looking at the GBPJPY 4 Hour chart, I talk about using the 3 step filter process for finding Forex trades with a strong confluent “hot point” which produces high probability forex trades, and good risk reward trade setups.

    Video synopsis – 4 hour GBPJPY price action at resistance level

    This video discusses a 4 hour GBPJPY pin bar reversal setup. We are only using plain vanilla price action on the chart in this video, no indicators or hype, just horizontal lines, candlesticks and price action that has occurred on the 4 hour interval of the GBPJPY.

    The GBJPY provides some very good intra-day trades from time to time; however it is important to not over-trade.

    In this video we are first going to mark the “hook” or “swing” points in the market, you will notice the market will often move from swing point to the next in a “stepping” fashion, this is trend development. We want to connect these hook or swing points with horizontal lines in order to highlight the confluent levels in the market.

    Pin bar reversals are “hot” signals for price rejection, this chart setup contains 4 in a row which occurred near a strong horizontal level.

    Taking all 4 of these pin bars near the key level in the video would have made money on 3 of the 4 setups.

    We are trading with the downtrend momentum at the horizontal level discussed in this video, the pin bar signals formed near the confluent area, or the “hot point” as I call it. These “hot points” are typically very high probability setups, entering them with a tight stop loss can lead to substantial risk to rewards, the setup in this video netted traders R:R of 1:3 or 1:4.

    You won’t make profits on all trades, you just need to master one setup and be consistent with it and then your winners will pay off and you will make money as your risk to reward pays off.

    We are not going to trade EVERY signal, miss some, lose some, win some, the winners should offset the losers with price action trading – master one , its achievable to make profits with price action trading.

    New or struggling traders should go back to basics, learn and master one setup before moving on. Most traders end up over trading or using messy indicators, this leads to failure.

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    1. Mahlomola

      Thank you as I am about to start after blowing my account I intend on starting with a clean chart without indicators

    2. Daniel

      I don’t know were to start to thank you, only thing I have is God bless you and keep the good work moving 💪🙌👏
      You are my mentor in this life and in this journey of trading.

    3. Isomonde Odion

      Best trading video I’ve ever watched kudos more of these.. please I’ll also like you to be holding a webinar on YouTube.. thanks!!

    4. Dixee

      Thank You

    5. Ireni

      Could you teach me how to place stop loss trailing stops and take profit?

    6. WEALTH

      dont just know what to comment…

      but i mean this guy is something else.

      i have not even started trading and yet i have every weapon in my trading arsenal.

      well all i can say, is



    7. moses

      this is really a good strategy

    8. makes

      Good job bro

    9. Muhammad Farooq

      excellent lesson sir, Thanks

    10. Leon

      Thank you so much

    11. Nourein Mohssein

      Thanks Nail I like yr teaching way so much :)

    12. Nadeem

      Hi Nial,

      Nice explanation in this video. Please mail the next video with these kinds of explanation.


    13. refael

      hey nial…reakky love your videos
      in this video you said something very important for the new traders
      learn to master one strategy and after you mastered it learn another

      which strategy you recommend on mastering first? casue there are many of them

      another question is
      as an expert trader which strategy you found the most relaiable of all? in precentages of sucsess ?

    14. paul onyeoka

      thanks so much nial for this video, it has drastically change the way i trade price action with trend.

    15. adegboyega

      thank you again Nial, great video. Very helpful

    16. major

      Nial, you refer to mastering ONE type of signal before adding others. In your journey as a trader, what signal did you master first?

    17. YJ

      Hi! Nial! Very impressive video tutorial. I strongly agree with price action, money management and emotion are the keys in trading. Thank you for your good job!

    18. K. Raymond

      It doesn’t get any easier than price action with the horizontal lines around a confluence zone Nial! Yet another great trading video!

    19. jon

      many thanks for these honest approach videos, they are extremely helpfull.

    20. josue

      Hi Nial
      your videos are really amazing.You really talk the truth about price movement, how to feel the market,no indicators, no oscilators.Just one question: what’s the probability of getting good trades (risk/reward) using the PA methodology? Thanks
      From Brazil

    21. damion

      This is really good stuff Nial. Simple is really best. So goodbye to stochastics, MAs, volumes, and other indicators. My mind feels much more at ease.



    22. mick

      Hello Nial,
      I have been watching and analising your instructions and I have to agree with everybody else .EXELENT.
      Thank you for everything you are doing for us all.
      I will be signing up for your course very soon,as soon as the time allows me to really take it .
      Many thanks

    23. TomK

      So glad I found Nial’s course and this forum. I am beginning to find the trades and become more relaxed about entering the markets.

      Nial is an excellent teacher and price action is the way to trade.

      Thank you Nial

    24. Ruslan

      Hello again nial

      I ,ve made a handsome a profit on trading GBPUSD on 7/10/2009 .I managed to anticipate the setup and able to execute selling option and rides down the market to 34 pips.
      thank to you nial

    25. Godwin

      Good Nial:Sorry i have seen the gbpchf daily, sure those
      good student of yours are getting profit now.
      Eliamani from Tanzania

    26. ida

      Excellent Nial!! Thank you! Thank you! You really opened my eyes about price action technique. I have been using indicators for the past 1 year and I find understanding price action is the most basic understanding to trade forex. At least now I can read the chart better than just follow the indicator without really understand what is going on in the market. Great knowledge!..Hope you keep it up ya.

    27. tom power

      Great Video
      here’s to the pinbar dude!

      • Godfrey

        Mr Nial

        You are the best, I didn’t know much about the price action, buy watching your video, now I fully understand.

        Thank you so much

    28. traydor

      love your work nial keeping it simple ..cheers

    29. Ruslan

      Thank you nial,good to hear from you again
      very informative videos indeed,i’m new in forex ,and honestly i think the strategieis used in the cross chart analysis were quite relevent and i finally see a glimp of hope in forex trading

      thak you again nial

    30. bridgespotter

      Thanks Nial, glad to be on your course and your videos are fantastic. Price Action really works

      • nial

        Bridge, patience, price action and risk reward are the keys, focus on these core elements and trading results will improve. Glad to see you love the videos

    31. Smi

      superb…THANK YOU


      BLESS YOU..have a good week-end


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