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Trading Pin Bar and Inside Bars Strategies

Here’s a Video That Shows You How To Trade Forex with The Pin Bar Price Action Trading Strategy.  This Videos Shows How I Use the Pin bar and Inside Bar Fakey Reversal to make what I call the” 3 tier ” confluent trading entry. You May Also Like to Read This Related Article –  Pin Bar Price Action Trading Here

Video Synopsis:

In the above price action forex trading strategies tutorial video, I discuss how to use price action to trade with the dominant trend using the pin bar and inside bar fakey reversal setup with confluence to make a high probability entry on the GBPUSD 4hr chart.

We first look to establish what the direction of the dominant trend is; in this case the trend was down. Next we are going to look for significant horizontal levels in the market, or areas were price has bounced from numerous times; I refer to such areas as “hot points” in the market. We next look for price action signals as a third form of confluence to “confirm” our entry decision into the trend.

In the video above there were a series of rejection candles, these are candles with long tails that are obviously showing rejection of a significant horizontal level. We want to see the market closing “off the line”, meaning we want the close of these rejection candles to be on the side of the horizontal level that is in the direction we are looking to enter.

I made a 4 to 1 profit on this trade setup, meaning I profited 4 times my risk. I entered on a break of the low of the price action setup and then placed my stop just above the high, initially I aimed for a 2 to 1 reward but than once the market continued lower I became increasingly bearish and decided to trail my stop down to break even and then down to lock in 4 times my risk.

Profit is measured in risk to reward scenarios, not in pips. You calculate your potential profit on each trade as a multiple of your risk; you ideally want at least to double your risk or a reward to risk of 2 to 1, the higher the better.

Effort and on-going study are required, some price action setups are very consistent, not all of them, but they do work very well; trading is not a get rich quick scheme. This is an on-going project requiring passion with a longer-term outlook, it can be done, plenty of people do it, however plenty also drop off the radar mostly due to greed.

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  1. Philemon

    I am really experiencing THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY !

  2. James G

    This is a brand new concept I was completely unaware of and yet it was staring me in the face all along, thanks for the awakening Nial.

  3. James

    Another great video, thank you Nial

  4. Hillary Whiza

    All I can say is that you are the Master of the Masters of trading. God bless you.


    I am still learning, thanks

  6. Rock

    Nial, I don’t know what I can call you now because all your break down those hard, thousand-dollar forex trading book and renders them useless. Thus, I call you forex wizard. Thanks a lot.

    • Dmitriy

      True facts!
      Big thanks to the Teacher!

  7. Steely Jaynes

    Thank you, I have started to turn my trading around with just the price action and no indicators,the pin bar set ups really work well thank you for helping me on my way to full time trading.

  8. Rahmat

    Here I got lesson of 3 tiers of confluent entry, it’s great. I think the signal bar in this video is inside bar combo with semi pinbar. Another important step is to wait until a bar breaking out the level line…to do that by putting entry stop. Am I right ?

  9. Erdal

    One of the best videos. Thank you.

  10. bulbul

    hi sir,may i get the accurate formation of a inside bar candlestick pattern

  11. Yusuf Hammed

    Fx Guru, I have really being doing well since I know Nial. Since have been applying price action like Pin Bar, Inside Bar, Fakey, False Break and reasonable Stop Loss plus Risk Reward Ratio. Even some time I might not be patient to see my profit to Hit 1:4 before I take the profits since am still building my account.

    Just for a month now I started trading, my Losses have been minimum and my Profits have double my Losses. And my account is almost double now, though am still learning from My Oga Nial.

    bless you

  12. marisa

    Great video. Thank you. I am really enjoying your course and learning a lot. cheers.

  13. Robin

    What you do makes trading real. Am exited and gaining confidence. Thanks Nial

  14. Pikane

    My name is Pikane , as difficult as it looks to trade I’m very much keen to learn to trade .I took almost two years figuring out whether I should pursue trading or not .my final decision is I don’t only want to pursue trading but want to master it and make it my career.

  15. d

    very good work enjoyed the browse

  16. john wiliams

    spent thousands on courses over many years with very limited success. also spend hours in front of the screen daily so no lack of commitment Enjoy your approach & lectures very much & am going to employ your strategy & see how I go!

  17. TigerDave

    Like a sniper, you obviously watched this pair for a few days, almost a week at least, before doing the deed. Very useful video. Thanks a million Nial!

  18. Daniel

    Hi Nial

    I’m really enjoying your site. One question for this video:

    You mention that the third candle was your confirmation candle (the third candle that had a pin piercing the resisting point), however you mention that you took a short position around the middle of the confirmation candle. I understand you can use sell limit orders, however the proceeding candle never went up to that level. How did you place this short order? Did you wait for the confirmation candle to complete? Any insight would be great.


  19. Adejumo

    I really enjoy your video is a turn round.

  20. Steve. , USA

    Nial knows his stuff I have learned so much from this guy in two weeks..

    I still use demo account and plan on studying nail for couple more months before live. This guys knows his stuff this week I was plus demo cash profited 590.00 usd traded only three day 4 trades .. Awesome

  21. Alan Wood

    Hi Nial, right on the pulse , glad I dropped in

  22. inba

    thanks, nial very useful information to trade…

  23. Pampam

    I first stumbled on your site last year. I only revisited it today after wasting thousands of dollars on software that are near to absolute trash.

    I spent the whole of day analysing my past trades using your pin bar method as outlined in the video presentations. The accuracy is stunning. If followed with common sense, one could make steady profit.

    Thank you for giving back to the forex community.


  24. George

    Awesome. Thanks Nial.

  25. Larry H.

    Another winner!

  26. Steve M

    Awesome website!!

  27. tom power

    nial, u hit it on the nail, I trashed my capital 4 years ago. its been a long road to ho back. maybe i’ll nibble at trading this year

  28. Tavish

    Thanks Nial

    Fantastic tutorial. So much to learn. Gonna watch it a few times more now

  29. Owen Scott

    This is a very good, useful, and honest video. I have been a member of Nial’s site for about a month and I have been slowly going through the material. I am not a complete newbie to trading, since I have spent the last year trading daily the ES with real money, and I have learned a great deal the hard way. What I have learned over the last year is confirmed by Nial’s videos and comments — that it’s critical to pay attention to risk/reward ratios and money management, and have a great deal of patience, plus the removal of the emotions (and if it has to be done by removing yourself, then fine!), as well as a simple, clutter-free approach to looking at what the market is doing. Bravo to Nial for taking the time to help people out who are starting fresh, when he really doesn’t have to.

  30. Intazar Hussain

    I have a good friend and mentor who gave me Nial’s “www.learntotradethemarket.com” and must say i am impressed by this young man, Nial and will watch more of his video to regain confidence in forex. God bless !

  31. Andrew T

    Great video Nial,It’s refreshing being taught “Simple strategies”Rather than the unreliable overuse of indicator type jibberish I recently wasted thousands on!!!!!!

  32. Dain

    Great video! Very clear explanation of this strategy.

  33. Vickie

    Nial, I knew when I discovered your site that it was something special…but now after taking it all in and rereading everything and watching your videos, my demo account is up 10% in 3 days and my accuracy has been more than 90%. I know that it cannot always be that good, but I thank you thank you thank you for helping me to become more profitable and more accurate in choosing the correct set ups! You rock! If I am able to maintain this accuracy and profitability for the next few months, I will open my first live account. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, one of your biggest fans…

  34. EP

    Hi Nial
    seems like you have a mental target at 1:2 first in your initial trade placement.

    when it reaches 1:2 , you place SL to BE. and let it ride to 1;4, is that right ?

  35. blrbond

    Excellent explanation Guru…. after looking at yourvideo i have changed my mind to rework and come back again. i had totally dissolved in indicators… but even the above video also, you need lot time to learn and perfect oneself.
    I know you will be busy, but please communicate if you have any training session at Singapore. txs blr.

    • nial

      I dont do singapore seminars at the moment, but I may in the future.

  36. Ric Morris

    To all traders… Nial is so honest and this video really brings that out… there are so many hucksters out there who are in it for YOUR money… not to help you learn to make money, but to profit from your hard earned money with the thin hopes of you making it rich quick. It all takes study, time, good instruction, and applying what you have learned from great teachers like Nial… he is a refreshing breeze in the steamy forex education jungle… thanks for listening to me and learn from this man. By the way I am learning too and this is being submitted by my free choice… Ric (residing here the USA)

  37. eric granatha

    a very good lesson, thanks. I will try to apply.

  38. Tobe

    Nial, I can confidently say that you are indeed the man. I was so fortunate to have stumbled upon your site and am enjoying every moment of it. Guys like you are hard to come by. Your vids are awesome. Even a five year old can catch on fast. Great stuff I must say. I am about going through the Price Action vid and wanted to say a few words first. Keep up the good work bro.

    Merry Christmas.

  39. damion

    Great video Nial. Really thoughtful of you to share such helpful information.
    I will be starting live trading with USD500. Do you have any recommendation on what time frame I should use with the Price Action strategy.

    God Bless!!

  40. Smi

    thanks, again, for sharing a priceless strategy

    you are a kind and a generous man

    God bless

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