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Inside Bar Forex Trading Tutorial

Check out this Video which Talks about Inside Bar Stall Signals, these are patterns you need to be aware of.  This Video was recorded ahead of the FOMC, so watch the price action and see what happens. Could be a break up, down, or a false break pattern, is important you understand this is how you MAP the price in advance, its not just a trading signal.

Video Synopsis – Trading Inside Bar Strategy in Forex

In this price action training video I discuss the inside bar as a stall-pattern, not as a break-out pattern this time. The inside bar can often work as a strong turning point signal. The inside bar can lead to a number of different setups, and one of these is a stall and reversal, which I discuss in this video.

This is not really a trade setup but more of a way to map the markets so you have a plan moving forward. I don’t day-trade, I look at 1hr charts and above, using higher time frames allows you to maintain clarity and gives you the power to map the markets with precision over the short-term noise and volatility. If you are struggling on the intra-day charts, turn them off and trade off the daily’s, you will notice a difference in your trading.

The last 3 inside bars on the chart in this video have all acted as turning points or stall points. The first inside bar in the video above was a stall-pattern that gave rise to about a 300 pip rise, the next inside bar gave fall to a large 2-300 pip decline, the next inside bar in this video that had not come off yet at the time of recording was also acting as a possible stall out that could give rise to either a false break, or a simple break up or down. The inside bar strategy can act as a catalyst for an event in the market , this event is usually a simple turning point, stalling signal, or a false break.

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  1. Irfan gani

    thanks Nial, one more great video
    Now I Understood completely what is inside bar
    thanks again

  2. George

    Thanks again.

  3. jossylolo

    Good and best way to trade the market still remains price action, keep it up my guy!

  4. Larry H.


    Have to admit that after watching fewer than 10 of your videos that I have “the bug” to: (1) Learn more and more about Price Action (2)Ask you to be my mentor and (3)By the end of the month to entroll in your course.

    How can I not be a little emotional? (I’m feeling knowlege, honesty, fairness, trust and a sincere desire to help the little guy/gal be a solid, consistent and profitable trader). Thanks ….Larry

  5. Sergio

    Another Great instructional video. Thanks Nial.

  6. eric granatha

    nice explanations bro. ilove the simplicity ….

  7. galen

    I am reviewing inside bar price action setups. Three to four setups you say that can come about by inside bars. Gee it is good to review. It is saturday and I am spending time analysing a chart looking for price action setups.

  8. adewale awotayo

    good stuff bro.i love the way u kip it simple.

  9. jody

    i have just watched this for third time. inside bars i find a bit tricky but this video helped me understand them much better. good stuff

  10. Revone

    Really nice breakouts on the AUD/USD NZD/USD pairs. Got to love those H4 retraces and IB breaks. Thanks Nial.

  11. david

    Excellent video Nial !!

    Alot of good pin bar set ups the past couple weeks…hope everyone is bagging their fare share of pips!!!

    Keep the video’s comming Nial…you are my mentor!

  12. rhia

    IS New York time ie EST daily close essential to follow – how about a GMT or a CET daily close? Could not one apply the same principles?


    • nial

      No, we use NY close charts only. Same principles do not apply to GMT charts.
      In the members area, you will soon see why we use NY charts, and where you can get a good chart provider for these.
      Its in your best interests to consider changing over, you will notice a world of difference on new york close charts.

  13. danc

    that was very good..nial..good to be reminded..

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