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Part 2: 4 Hour Pin Bar Forex Strategy

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Recap of most recent Video detailing a live 4 Hour Pin bar entry. This forex trade hits the target and makes 3 to 1 risk reward. 4 Hour Pin Bar Forex Strategy

If you have not yet viewed part 1, please click here – Part 1 – 4 Hour Pin Bar Live Trade

Video synopsis – Live Pin Bar Setup – Recap

In this video I update the previous video which discussed a live setup that was forming on the EURUSD 4 hour chart.

The idea with price action is always to have a risk / reward of at least 1:2 in any setup. This trade fortunately gave me 1:3. I did talk in the previous video that I had a 60 pip stop; my target got hit for 180 pips for a risk / reward of 1:3.

This is a trading method not a system. I do not attempt to back test anything; we have to actually forward test our trading method for it to be relevant. We can see forward testing in this video over the last 24 hours. We have seen this 4 hr chart signal occurring 4 times in the recent sample of data and we have had 4 winning trades in a row on this chart. We are learning in a “forward sense”, rather than back testing, so it is not a system it is a trading methodology. This is a classic example of another quality live pin bar forex trade.

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