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Inside Bar Forex Trading Signal Pattern – Price Action

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The Video Below talks about the ‘Inside bar combo trigger’, one of the most lucrative forex trading strategy. It is a solid forex trading strategy, using pure price action analysis – enjoy

Video Synopsis – Inside Bar Forex Trading Trigger – Price Action Strategies

In this forex trading educational video we are discussing the inside bar setup and inside bar trading. An inside bar is any bar that forms inside the previous bar’s range, or inside the “mother candle”. The most profitable inside bar trades are those that come off in the direction of the existing trend, or those that form after a pin bar. A pin bar is a long-tailed candle with a small body, these candles indicate rejection of a level. When we combine the pin bar and the inside bar we get an “inside bar / pin bar combo” pattern, the “standard” inside bar pattern is the “inside bar stall pattern” with no pin bar.

In the above video I was discussing an inside / pin bar combo on the daily USDCHF, this combo pattern occurs when we get an inside bar that is ALSO pin bar. The entry strategy for the inside / pin bar combo is to enter on a break of the mother bar high or low, depending on what direction the trend is moving. You typically would then place your stop loss just above the high or low of the bar that formed previous to the break-out bar. I did make some decent money on the inside / pin bar combo setup in the above video, if you were not trained in price action setups, you probably would not have caught the move in this video.

There is another inside bar pattern in this video, it is a “standard” inside bar setup; with no pin bar. It occurred in the context of down-trending market, so we would sell on stop just below the low of the inside bar, or on a break below the mother candle low. There are plentiful setups on the intra-day charts for traders who are interested in trading inside bar setups.

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