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    1 Week Of Profits Using Simple Price Action Forex Strategies

    This is a video recap of the trading signals which have been generated using my price action trading strategies over the past 7 days. Enjoy

    Video Synopsis – Forex Video Recap: The Week in Review

    In the above video I recap all the price action trading strategies that are in my course that occurred during the preceding seven days leading up to the creation of this video. Obviously this video contains hindsight trade setups, not all future results can be guaranteed to be as good as the results the setups in this video brought.

    The first setup was on the GBPUSD, it was a fakey setup that pushed prices higher, and price tested a resistance level after rising from the bullish fakey and subsequently fell lower off this resistance level after forming a bearish semi-pin bar.

    The next setup in the video occurred in the NZDUSD; we had a false break or fakey trigger, after a series of consolidating bars. This was following the dominant trend trading the fakey setup.

    We next discuss the AUDUSD, there was a “value trade” from the 21 day ema, and we got two bearish rejection bars from the 21 day ema with the trend, a short trade that worked out nicely.

    The EURJPY was trending down at the time this video was recorded, it tested the 21 day ema and repelled from it perfectly, price then formed a bearish pin bar and opened below the 21 day ema the next day, and this would be an instant sell signal. The EURJPY also had a nice bullish fakey setup that caused price to move higher into the 21 day ema. Most of the trade setups I teach are with the trend, this increases the odds of profiting dramatically. These are just some of the forex course signals I teach.

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