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    Best Forex Trading Strategy – Pin Bar Reversal Method

    Video Synopsis – The Best Forex Trading Strategy - Pin Bar Reversal

    The above forex trading education video has no audio. The video illustrates a 4 hour pin bar setup on the AUDUSD forex pair, a pin bar is a price action formation that is a 1 bar formation which has an obvious large tail or shadow either up or down.

    We can see in the video a very obvious 4hr bearish pin bar that occurred in the AUDUSD at the 50% retracement level, in the midst of a down trending market. In this case, the pin bar has confluence with the dominant trend and with the 50% sell level. We would enter a sell on the break of the low of the pin bar and put our stop loss just above the tail or shadow of the bar. This video illustrates how to trade pin bar reversal forex trading strategy.

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    1. Russell

      Looks like you ended up getting stopped out. – Hope you took profit around 6350ish. I guess it didn’t want to make a clean break below the previous big-bull bar.

      Love the vids! I keep checking the status of your site. Your making good progress.

    2. danc

      Cracker Nial .. very clear and simple thks.DC

    3. Richard Caldwell

      Thankyou Nial I look forward to getting your videos and trade accordingly
      Keep up the great work
      Regards Richard


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