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    The Forex Fakey “Inside Bar False Break Chart Pattern”

    This Is a VERY OLD video, Very Dark Chart, So It’s Slightly Unclear, I just wanted to Share It With Traders as It’s One of My Favorite Videos Where I Explain The Fakey Forex Setup, I Hope you Check Out Some More of My Forex Videos.  Make Sure You Comment on the Video Below, Thanks, Nial.

    Video Synopsis – The Forex Fakey “inside bar false break trading setup”

    In the above forex trading educational video I discuss a price action fakey setup that occurred on the EURUSD fx pair.

    In this video I demonstrate how to trade the fakey and what to look for prior to taking an entry:

    The simplest way to define a fakey is an inside bar breakout that fails. If the trend is down we want to short a break down, if the trend is up we want to buy a break to the upside. The fakey setup is a professional trading strategy because most amateurs buy breakouts or try to pick tops / bottoms, the fakey plays off of these amateur trading mistakes.

    Once we get a false break from the inside bar / mother candle structure, we can take a position once the market starts to move back in the opposite direction after all the stop losses have been taken out and the amateurs begin to panic. This video is an example of how to trade the fakey setup reversal bar entry.

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      Old is Gold. Great video 👍

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      good very good nial fuller

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      Thanks Nial :)

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      Is cool and informative.You have helped illuminate the way i see price action.Thanks a lot.

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      It is good.It does easy to understand for new trader like me.Thank you.

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      This is great. A big thank you.

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      It maybe old but still very informative keep them coming

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      Great video. I like your style of commentary, easy to listen to and understand. I hope to learn a profitable traid from you.


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