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Pin Bar Reversal on EURUSD | Forex Price Action

Video Synopsis – Pin bar reversal on EURUSD, forex price action

In this forex video recap on the EURUSD we are discussing a large pin bar reversal that formed on the daily chart. This was a counter-trend pin bar setup, but it had a very large tail that was greater than 2/3 of the entire range of the bar; we ideally want to see the tail be at least 2/3 the length of the bar and the body only about 1/3.

We can trade “in and out” of the trend, meaning when a strong price action signal forms that is counter-trend, like what we got in this video, you can’t really just ignore it. Existing market momentum will terminate at some point, price action gives a way to interpret this momentum and spot possible termination signals of this momentum. The setup in this video occurred at a very strong resistance level near 1.4800. The market stalled at this level and the pin bar setup started coming off as I made this video.

Price action pin bar strategies are simple yet very effective, in trading, “keeping it simple”…works.

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  1. DMA

    WATCHED IT And REALLY ENJOYED IT!!!…Thank You Very Much Mr. Nial Fuller For Passing On This Great Wealth Of Knowledge. Much Respect To You. GOD BLESS YOU SIR AND ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING…

  2. Rahmat Hidayat

    Nice trading software with so many drawing tools and off course thanks for reversal pinbar setup explaination.

  3. Tim Huang

    Hi Nial, this video is very impressive, I like your “keeping it simple” trading style.

    Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!