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Forex Trading Tutorials

A Collection Of Forex Trading Articles & Trading Lessons

If You’re Struggling with Price Action Analysis, Here’s 4 Easy Steps to Fix It
If you’re struggling with price action analysis, you should know that you're not alone and you shouldn’t get too concerned just yet. Most traders struggle with price action for a handful of pretty common reasons, and today’s article is going to discuss... Continue Reading

Putting The Trading Probabilities In Your Favor
If you feel that you are getting defeated by the market, it very well could be because you haven't tried hard enough to tilt the scales of trading success in your favor. It is not the market that is 'defeating' you, it is you who is defeating you, and if you... Continue Reading

End-of-Day Trading For People with Jobs
Most of you reading my lessons are probably low on time and work regular jobs during the day or run businesses of some form. Regardless of what job, career or business you might have, it probably consumes most of your available free time each week, leaving... Continue Reading

Even the Best Trading Strategy Won’t Save You
Trading strategies, systems and methods always look great on paper, but when it comes to trading in the real world, market chaos and human unpredictability often make even the best strategies seem inadequate to the task. The hard truth all traders eventually... Continue Reading

Trading During Market Uncertainty & Volatility
In recent times, traders have been faced with a myriad of news and economic events, and such events are typically driving forces behind market volatility. Recently, we have seen the government shut-down in the U.S. as well as the debt limit debate there,... Continue Reading

Is It Time To Change Your Forex Trading Strategy?
Today’s article is going to be a little different. I'm going to get ‘personal’ with you guys today and help you honestly decide if your current trading method is actually working for you OR...if it's well and truly time for you to reconsider your... Continue Reading

6 Beliefs That Will Destroy Your Trading Account
Our beliefs heavily influence how we feel and think about everything in life, and in trading, our beliefs are quite literally what determines our success or failure. Indeed, what we believe about anything, determines how we act and react to it. For example,... Continue Reading

Why Most Traders Choke When Trading Real Money
If you’ve done very well on your demo account and then saw all your trading success crumble to pieces when you started trading live, today’s lesson is for you. There is growing evidence from scientists that the reason why we tend to choke ‘when it... Continue Reading

Snowball Your Trading Success and Stop Losing Money
The market has been somewhat difficult to trade in recent months; many of the major currency pairs have been rather erratic and “choppy”, and until recently, very quiet. There is ONLY ONE SINGLE THING that kept the profitable trader from losing money... Continue Reading

How To Trade In Harmony With The Market
After spending countless hours helping people learn how to trade, answering their emails and figuring out how to help them conquer their trading problems, I’ve come to realize that most traders lose money because they are simply not trading 'in harmony'... Continue Reading

The Differences Between Amateur and Professional Traders
You might be wondering what professional traders “have” that you don’t, or what it is that they know that you don’t. In today’s lesson, I am going to explain to you that whilst professional traders are doing things differently than how you might be,... Continue Reading

Increase Your Odds of Winning Trades
If you put a professional trader in the same room with two struggling traders, all of whom are trading the same strategy and using the same equipment, the pro trader will likely get much better results than the struggling traders. Why? What is the pro doing... Continue Reading

6 Huge Forex Trading Mistakes & How To Fix Them
Being in the position that I am in of helping and mentoring other traders, I have pretty much seen everything at this point. You might be surprised to know that are many traders who stumble through the same types of frustrating trading scenarios you have... Continue Reading

Simplify Your Trading in 3 Easy Steps
If you’re reading this you’re probably struggling to make money in the markets and maybe you’ve even recently experienced a painful losing streak. Right now, trading seems “hard” to you, you doubt if anyone out there really makes consistent money... Continue Reading

Is Mobile Trading Bad For You ?
You can do almost anything on a smartphone these days, including placing and managing trades. Having this 24-hour finger-tip access to the market brings with it some significant advantages and disadvantages. Whilst I’m all for smartphones and the... Continue Reading

7 Simple Solutions to Your Trading Problems
I’ve been trading long enough to know the most common mistakes that hold traders back from making money in the market and how to fix them. In today’s lesson, I’m going to give you 7 simple solutions that you can start using right away to slowly start... Continue Reading

How Your Brain Gets In The Way Of Your Trading
As traders, it can often seem as if we are in a constant fight against an invisible enemy who always seems to have the upper hand on our next move in the market. It can seem as if there’s a "thief" stealing our treasure every time we are sooo close to... Continue Reading

5 Things You NEED to Know Before Trading Forex Live
You just hit another nice winner on your demo account ....it's been about 3 months now and you feel confident that your ready to make the jump to trading a real live account. You feel ready to try your hand at live trading, yet questions and doubts still... Continue Reading

The Most Dangerous Misconceptions Of Forex Trading
Today’s lesson is all about laying to rest some widespread misconceptions that are circulated around the Forex trading world and that get lodged into many traders minds. Through talking with hundreds of traders every week, I have a front-row seat to some of... Continue Reading

To Trade or Not to Trade, That is the Question
You're sitting at your laptop, staring at the charts, you spotted a potential setup but you're not totally sure if you should trade it. You sit there a little more; finally you've convinced yourself you should trade this setup. You set the trade up, pull the... Continue Reading

Why College Dropouts Succeed At Trading
What do Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common? The same thing that Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Steven Spielberg all have in common…all of these famous and successful... Continue Reading

Why You’re Not Making Money Trading
Does it seem relatively easy to get the direction of the market right yet difficult to make money trading it? Today’s lesson is the result of not only my decade plus of live account trading experience, but also the numerous emails I get each day from... Continue Reading

How To NOT Blow Up Your Trading Account
So, you’ve been studying the markets for two years now, you've read all the books, taken numerous home-study courses and even attended a trading seminar, your demo trading results seemed pretty good, then you went live and lost 50% of your account in two... Continue Reading

What To Do When The Markets Are Slow
Many traders make the mistake of trading in all market conditions. The truth is that sometimes it's better to just not trade. Sometimes the markets are too choppy and erratic to trade with any accuracy or effectiveness. It is these times when traders tend to... Continue Reading

Stop Sabotaging Your Forex Trading
Forex Traders have a tendency to sabotage their own efforts in the market, and most of them don’t even know they are doing it. The inherent paradox of trading is that the harder you try to make money or avoid losses, the more these things tend to elude you.... Continue Reading

Bring Your Trading Account Back From the Dead
So you’ve lost 50% or more of your forex trading account and you feel like you either want to give up trading all together or just start going crazy and trading everything you see because you ‘don’t care’ anymore. Has this happened to you? Is this... Continue Reading

7 Deadly Trading Sins
We've been running LTTTM for about 4 years now, and in that time we've literally received thousands of emails, so we thought it would be an entertaining experience to list some of the most common problems that traders write to us about and provide you guys... Continue Reading

12 Surprising Reasons Why Pro Forex Traders Make Money
Most struggling traders seem to think that making consistent money in the markets is an extremely difficult achievement that always seems to be just out of their reach. Well, in today’s lesson I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret; making... Continue Reading

5 Mistakes Preventing You From Making Money Trading
So you’ve just funded your trading account again, and this time you feel confident that you will start making money in the markets. After all, you ‘know’ what you did wrong on that last big losing streak that blew your account out and you’re confident... Continue Reading

How to Break Your Cycle of Losing Forex Trades
The primary goal for any trader is to maximize winning trades and also to have as many winning trades as possible. However, where most traders go wrong is thinking that EVERY trade will be a winner and then becoming emotional when they hit an inevitable... Continue Reading

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