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Forex Trading Articles

Trading Articles on Trading Philosophy, Psychology, Money Management & More

The 6 Things You Need to Trade for a Living
Anyone can become a trader, but not everyone becomes a successful trader who is able to trade for a living. In fact, as you probably already know, most traders do not succeed over the long-run. Why is this? What are some of the core traits you must possess in... Continue Reading

The Truth about Automated Forex Trading Systems and Robots
You may have found yourself landing on a very convincing sales page recently for any one of the many automated Forex trading systems out there on the internet these days. Often referred to as ‘expert advisors’ or 'trading robots' when they are applied to... Continue Reading

The Top 8 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Trading
If I had a time machine, one of the things I would do is go back in time to when I first began my trading journey and tell my past self all the things I now know about trading. It would have greatly sped up my progress as a trader and significantly shortened... Continue Reading

The ‘Ten Commandments’ of Trading
If we sat down and had a conversation about trading in person, I would discuss the following ‘ten commandments’ of trading with you. What follows are ten of the most important aspects of trading that you need to understand, accept and implement if you... Continue Reading

Is Doing ‘Nothing’ the Key to Your Trading Success?
Traders often search for that missing ‘ingredient’ that they think will solve all their trading problems and start the dollars rolling into their trading account. Whether it’s some ‘magic’ indicator or some ‘insiders’ views into fundamentals and... Continue Reading

How to Finally Start Making Money Forex Trading
In this lesson, I am going to give you my insight into some of the key things that helped me start making money in the forex market. It may not be exactly what you want to hear, because it’s not necessarily going to be ‘fun’ or 'entertaining', but... Continue Reading

The 9 Worst Forex Trading Mistakes You Can Make
As a trader, you will make mistakes, it’s inevitable and it’s part of the learning process. However, if you continuously make the same mistakes over and over, it means you aren’t learning from them and you’re likely not making any progress as a... Continue Reading

Top 10 Forex Trading Tips for Beginners
As a beginning forex trader, you can easily get lost, confused or overwhelmed with all the information you are bombarded with on the internet about trading. The best thing to do is to just take it slow, learn how to trade properly from an experienced... Continue Reading

11 Insightful Quotes from Professional Traders
Trading is one of the most rewarding professions in the world, but it can also be one of the most discouraging and mentally difficult if you don’t trade properly. Trading properly involves everything from using an effective trading strategy to having... Continue Reading

6 Behaviours of Unstoppable Traders
Being a successful trader isn’t easy. In addition to sickening discipline, patience and passion, it requires the kinds of habits that most people simply don’t possess. Whilst every pro trader is different, we all have a lot in common, because there are... Continue Reading

Trading Like A Predator, Not The Prey
Have you ever felt like you are being preyed upon by some invisible ‘force’ in the market? The truth is, when we enter the trading cauldron we all start out as prey. When you enter the market, you step into a world of ‘predators’ who are trying to... Continue Reading

Why Short-Term Market Fluctuations are Almost Irrelevant
Markets ebb and flow, you know this if you’ve observed any market for even a day or two. However, not every ebb and flow is important, and trying to trade all of them will not only drive you insane, it will also cause you to lose a lot of money. How many... Continue Reading

The Distinguishing Traits of Professional Traders
If you want to become a successful trader, the quickest way to do so is to learn what other successful traders do. That is true of anything in life, but especially so in trading, because you largely have to self-educate yourself in this field. There is no... Continue Reading

If You Read One Article about Forex Trading, Read this One
WARNING - What you are about to read might shock you, it might not be what you 'expect' to hear about Forex trading. It might even make some industry ‘gurus’ and media outlets angry, because what follows is the unfiltered, uncut truth about the Forex... Continue Reading

The Psychology of Why You Give Back Your Trading Profits
Today’s lesson is going to delve deep into what is perhaps the most frustrating of all trading mistakes; giving back your trading profits for no good reason whatsoever. Now, let’s be clear upfront; there are both good and bad reasons to give back your... Continue Reading

The Key to Lasting Forex Trading Success
Today’s lesson is going to ask you to dig deep within yourself and ask, “How bad do I want this?” How bad do you want to become a successful trader? Are you willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means significantly changing how you think about... Continue Reading

Are Expectations Destroying Your Trading Account?
Instant gratification is something we all enjoy; the sooner we get what we want, the better we feel. However, in trading, we don’t often get what we want exactly when we want it. The innate human desire for instant gratification is the destroyer of many... Continue Reading

Forget What You ‘Think You Know’ About Trading
In order to learn a new way of doing something, to truly master it, we need to leave any preconceived notions and biases behind. When learning a new trading strategy, it’s absolutely crucial that you ‘wipe the slate clean’ of the previous methods and... Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why it Rocks To Be a Trader
Let’s be honest, trading can get discouraging at times. Even professional traders have losing months sometimes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I think it’s good to remind ourselves sometimes just why it is we do this. A little positivity and fresh... Continue Reading

Stop Trading Like a Pig
Are you a Bull, Bear or Pig in the market? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably trading like pig and you’re probably losing money. As the old Wall Street saying goes: “Bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get... Continue Reading

Spend Less Time Trading & More Time Living
Anyone who spends more than a few weeks trading the market, knows that it can be very addictive. Whether you’re a loser or a winner, the great Wall St. ‘casino’ will lure you in, and keep you in. For those of us who trade Forex, it’s even worse... Continue Reading

Playing The Odds In Forex Trading
This article is written based on my personal experiences and reflects exactly how I think about and approach the market on a day to day basis. Here’s a close look into how my mind actually thinks every day when I open up my trading screens… Trading is... Continue Reading

Why Boring is Beautiful in Forex Trading
If you’re trading properly, it should be boring. You should be doing nothing most of the time and you need to learn to embrace, to even enjoy doing nothing in the market, because as I will explain in today’s lesson, a bored trader is often a successful... Continue Reading

Trading Success is a Journey, Not a Destination
Life, they say, is a journey, not a destination. The same can be said of trading. In fact, this old aphorism will help you understand how to become a successful trader, if you let it. How often do you feel frustrated or even angry with your trading... Continue Reading

Stacking the Trading Odds in Your Favor
Trading really boils down to two things; what’s going on inside your head and what’s happening on your charts. The key is to get the two in-sync with one another, rather than on the collision course to disaster you may have them on right now. Today’s... Continue Reading

The Market Will Be There Tomorrow
One of the keys to successful trading is eliminating any feeling of ‘needing’ to be in a trade. Traders often become fixated on believing if they miss ‘this trade’ there won’t be another one like it for a long time, their lack of experience and time... Continue Reading

The Biology of Why You Are Losing Money Forex Trading
Important Note: If you are a young adult or middle-aged male, you need to pay special attention to today’s lesson because it's going to provide you with some game-changing insight that could significantly improve your trading results. We are all familiar... Continue Reading

The Evils of Trading You Must Avoid At All Costs
Trading has a dark side. You might already be familiar with it. There are certain ‘evils’ that we are all susceptible to as traders, and you have to deal with them, or they will deal with you. Our brains are like sponges, absorbing everything we put... Continue Reading

There’s More Money In Your Trading Account Than You Think
How much do you value your time? I’m willing to bet quite a lot, in fact most of us value ‘free time’ more than anything else in the world, because as we all know, our time is limited to one relatively short lifetime on this planet. But if we value time... Continue Reading

4 Facts About Price Action Trading You Need to Know
Market conditions change over time, prices are dynamic and constantly changing, and no trading day is ever exactly the same as the previous one. Volatility fluctuates and sometimes the market can seem quiet for a long time, only to erupt in a flurry of... Continue Reading

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