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    The Best Trades Will Find You…If You Stop Looking for Them

     I speak with many students and traders, and one thing I have noticed is that many of them are looking for trades, almost as if they are addicted to the ‘hunt’ (because they are). Being over-eager to move on to the next trade is something that can and will destroy your trading account.

    When I first started trading, I was probably a lot like you are now; I didn’t know what a good trade looked like and I was often unsure about my trading approach.

    Over time, I realized that the best trades I’ve taken, tended to simply appear; I wasn’t searching for them, they simply ‘walked into my hands’. After plenty of trial and error, I finally committed to the sniper-like approach and mentality that I have now. I am never in ‘need’ of a trade, I follow the markets because I like to, and if a trade signal pops up that I like, I will trade it. I simply stopped looking for trades, and they started to find me instead. Maybe it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

    I am never out there ‘hunting’ for trades. The reason why is simple, it’s because the trades that are worth risking money on, and that have the best chance of bringing you a big return, are typically so damn obvious, that there’s no way I will miss them. I don’t want to be bothered with low-probability trades that are difficult to determine whether or not they are occurrences of my trading edge.

    The more you have to wonder if a trade setup is actually a valid trade setup or not, the less chance it has of working out. I know that may sound a bit subjective, but it’s true, and after you gain more training and experience, you will realize what I’m saying is accurate.

    How to let trades ‘find you’…

    • The market will always be there

    The first way to solve the problem of looking too often and too hard for trades, is to remember that the market will always be there. Take a deep breath in and exhale, remember, the market has been here before you were born and it isn’t going anywhere. There will always be new opportunities on the horizon, so don’t worry if you miss one here or there. There is no rush, you are not in a race against time or against anyone. It’s critical you understand these points and infuse them into your trading mentality if you want to succeed, because the less desperate you feel to trade, the more likely you are to succeed over the long-run.

    • Daily charts only

    The next thing that I realized after years of trial and error, was that if I ONLY focused on the daily charts, I naturally traded a lot less. This helped me to avoid over-trading and losing money unnecessarily. I will admit, you need enough self-discipline to do this, because it’s very easy to just flip open the lower time frames and ‘see what they’re doing’ quick. But, the second you do this, you’ve broken your rules and you’re opening yourself up to the temptations of the market. Remember, you are trying to change your habits and your routine to be more productive for you over the long-run. This means you must be disciplined and fight the urge to constantly trade. The way you do this is by planning what you will do in advance and sticking to it. So, part of your plan will be only looking at daily charts, this means to make it work, you must stick to that rule.

    Keep in mind, you won’t have to only look at daily charts forever, just long enough to learn that the best trades will stick out and be obvious on higher time frames like the daily.

    • Slower, more relaxed analysis.

    Remembering that the market will be there tomorrow and to only focus on the daily charts will help you develop a slower, more relaxed approach to your chart / market analysis.

    When you take a slower, more relaxed approach to your market analysis, you will be watching the charts with less attachment, the directional bias you have will not constantly change because daily and weekly charts naturally move slower than shorter time frames.

    I have written extensively about this trading approach in other articles. You can check them out here: Trading like a Sniper and What Lions can Teach You About Trading.

    Your basic plan is to locate TLS: trend, level, signal, and eventually you will turn on the computer, load up your chart and you will see the trades either ‘jumping out’ at you, or not. When you see things lining up and it just makes sense, at that point, do not hesitate; pull the trigger.


    When I realized that the best trades were also the most obvious ones, it changed my trading perspective and the course of my trading career forever. The fact that you don’t have to trade a lot to make a lot of money over the long-run, and that the best trades are the easiest ones to spot, seems obvious, but most traders overlook it. They are not properly trained in how to think and trade this way.

    A certain level of trading knowledge / expertise must be reached before you can flip on your charts and easily see if a good trade is there. The key is, once you attain this knowledge, build a plan out of it and stick to it. Due to the fact that the trades worth risking money on will be so obvious you won’t have to look very hard for them, in a way, they will be ‘looking for you’ because they will stand out so obviously to you.

    When you learn to let go from feeling like you ‘need to trade’ to just sticking to your method / edge, the charts will get a lot clearer and easier to read. This is where I am today. I can open any chart of any market and quickly analyze / scan it and tell if there’s a trade or not, in a matter of seconds usually. This is where I want you to be.



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    1. Zinnur

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      Thanks for valuable information Nial.you are showing right path to traders.god bless you.

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      Thanks Mr. Nial! Your articles well pump over a brain. I noticed if you re-read one article several times, it very much affects thinking

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    5. Guoli Zhang

      Dear Mr. Nial Fuller,

      After reading this article, I feel that I have just seen clear the full map of the forest where I have been trapped for so long.

      Yes, keep a distance, either time or physical distance, with the market and let it unfold its story in front of you, and you just pick up those which attracts you instinctively.

      I am just a beginner and keen to read charts and follow my in-process trades relentlessly and this made me tired and sometimes discouraged me in continuing my trade.

      I may have more questions to seek your instruction in the future, hope you can teach me.

      Thank you a lot.

      Best regards.

      Zhang /Beijing, China

    6. Roy Peters

      Thank you nial. Another awesome article. These gems are worth a wait in Gold.

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      Completely agree with you SIR
      A nice article once again
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      Thanks Nial. Very good advise.

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    18. Richard

      Your advice and approach are spot on Nial.

      I have a very hard time sticking to the daily time frame- I feel like I need to look under the hood for quicker trades [lower time frame]

      Will write a post-it on my computer—- Daily Time Frame Only Allowed

    19. Rebecca Calkins

      Wow! Thank you so much. This really hit home with me. I love the approach and can see where I need to modify my method to bring it close to this one, so I can start hitting the winners and leave the fakers alone.

    20. vijay

      You are perfect!

    21. richadi36

      Brilliant article, thanks Nial! I’ve been reading Your posts for about one and half years since that time I’ve grown a lot as a trader. Truly, since I started to trade only daily charts I began to profit and now my account is growing every month.
      Thanks again for Your invaluable posts, my Brilliant Mentor!

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      As always, your articles are eye opening. This is of course a great guide to a beginner like me. Only I can say, thank you very much.

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      Thank you Nial,

      This is very true, we are always looking for new trade and try to catch all moves.

      Thank you very much.

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    28. Peter

      Great article. I follow the markets because I like to. That line speaks to me. I LOVE to identify setups as they are forming. Before they signal an entry. Then I “honor my analysis” by taking a position when it occurs. The way that it plays out afterwards is realy nothing more than a higher probibity of the market moving in my favor than not – based on good, solid analysis. I do not take losses personally. It’s pointless. When you start to win more than you lose it feels Divine. That’s why I trade more than anything – because ai like to. All of Nial’s articles are really good. This one’s great.
      Thanks Nial. I appreciate you.

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      Thank you Sir. It looks so obvious after Reading your Article. But it takes a lot of nerve to enter into a trade. There is a mix of guilt for not making money, not trading, but the time keeps going on. I feel the psychological NEED to trade or I am wasting my time. FORTUNATELY, we have your help and guidance by learning what you teach in your Courses. Like you say, it takes time and discipline, and that it is so important to have a Teacher like you Sir, to show us the way. Thank you so much again. Fabio

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      Brilliant Nial. When you trade less you loose less. Nice one.

    33. Chynado

      My man, remain blessed
      You are a reliable authority in price action trading which I call the best trading strategy.
      Thanks Nail…

    34. MichaelB

      All very true Nial…however, fighting the “need” to trade also depends vastly on your account size/trading capital: “the fact that you don’t have to trade alot to make a lot of money” can be stated another way, i.e. : the more money you have, the easier it gets. This critically means setting realistic targets and expectations from the outset…Thanks for another great article!

      • Nial Fuller

        Michael, That is true, to a point. However, if you’re implying that you have to trade more on a smaller account, this is the wrong mentality. The exact same way you would succeed trading a small account is how you would on a big account. If you trade a lot on a big account, you’re much more likely to lose money, just as with a small account. The problem is that it can take a long time to build a small account, but that is just something you have to accept if you want to succeed. A one-year successful track record on a small account, even if the dollars gained aren’t big, is still very impressive and proves you can trade and could even get you attracting investors. Sadly, most traders don’t have the discipline and patience for that, and they end up over-trading on a little account and losing it.

    35. Rahamut Mohammed

      You know, This is exactly what I started doing over the last three months and it has worked wonders. I have stopped worrying about losing and have started making back my losses over the last two years. The fact that I still have my account after two years shows that I am doing something right….but I was not making profits. I have stopped looking at profits and now spend my time on my system. It is surely paying off. Thanks Neil for confirming what I have come to realize.

    36. Thabo

      Hi Nial
      Thanks for your informative articles and can’t wait to join your school & community of traders.
      I experienced the inaccuracies of short time frames and “RSI / CCI” indicators.
      I agree with you based on my experience that if you could follow the abovementioned, you will chase the trades and overtrade trying to make profits from different trades.
      Your analogy of crocodiles tactics is my guifing principle and as result I am improving on trading sincemy exposure to your articles.

      God Bless U Sir and your family

    37. Jonathan C Pahl

      Poncho says Thanks Nial, when I have used the price action setup as instructed I have batted 1000 on my trades but as you pointed out I get frustrated hunting new trades and even more so when I miss big movements. I quit the 1 hr. in favor of the 4 hr but still have the same problem and revert back to the 1 hr. So I am ready to follow your advice on trading the daley.
      If when in a long term daley trade that is moving strongly in a favorable direction do you approve of leaving the trade open over the weekend?

      Thanks as always for this great trading course and your insight and advice
      Poncho Pahl

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      Thank very much Mr. Nial
      This article really makes sense and stressing on and explaining the principle of being patient and disciplined in the market .

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      Great advice Nial. It was something that I was thinking about today and out of a devil you just posted an article about it. Thank you man.


      Very useful!!!1 Thanks Nial

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      Hello Nial , as usual your articles are great, I’m wondering if you ever have written something about how do you advice to manage withdrawals, I’m sure most of us want to know your perspective about this matter. Because we’re all interested to grow our capital but at some point we all want to touch some of the profits. Have a nice day!

      • David

        In one of his article, Nial spoke of withdrawals. It wasn’t the main topic of the article so I can’t remember the article’s name. He said after a profitable month, it’s better to withdraw half of your profit and keep the other half in it until your account grows to your wanting, then you can start withdrawing all your profits.


      You said it all here,
      “…..remember, the market has been here before you were born and it isn’t going anywhere. There will always be new opportunities on the horizon, so don’t worry if you miss one here or there. There is no rush, you are not in a race against time or against anyone. It’s critical you understand these points and infuse them into your trading mentality if you want to succeed,….. the more likely you are to succeed over the long-run.”….Nial Fuller.

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      Excellent article and it does make lot of sense . many thanks & pls keep up the good job

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      I am gradually starting to realise this as I continue with my forex education.

      Could you also give your opinion on the weekly and monthly charts, as I am also looking at those as well.

      Thanks for your help and advice.


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