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nialfullerNial Fuller is considered 'The Authority' on Price Action Trading. Since starting this blog in 2008 he has written more than 1700 posts and has taught more than 15,000 students. Today he has a dedicated following of more than 250,000 traders across 100 + countries. If you are an aspiring forex trader, this site is for you. Read More here


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  • Latest PostSpend Less Time Trading & More Time Living

    Spend Less Time Trading & More Time Living
    Anyone who spends more than a few weeks trading the market, knows that it can be very addictive. Whether you’re a loser or a winner, the great Wall St. ‘casino’ will lure you in, and keep you in. For those of us who trade Forex, it’s even worse because the market runs 24/7, much like a casino with no clocks on the walls and no windows, it just keeps going and going, providing a never-ending stream of temptation. Even the most intelligent people are susceptible to the markets great lure; the constant flashing of prices, the constant short-term moves on five minute charts and the c... Continue Reading
  • Latest PostU.S. Dollar Bullish Run Continues, 17th December 2014

    U.S. Dollar Bullish Run Continues, 17th December 2014
    The USDJPY surged significantly higher today and as a result we can say that the low from yesterday at 115.55 marks an important near-term support level. We are obviously bullish biased on this market still, as we discussed in our December 16th commentary yesterday. We will be watching for more buying opportunities on any weakness / rotations back to support in this market in the coming days.... Continue Reading
  • Latest PostA 7 Step Cure for a Trading Losing Streak

    By | Edit Post
    A 7 Step Cure for a Trading Losing Streak
    Whilst there is no one single ‘cure’ for trading mistakes that will get you making money in the market immediately, there are some steps you can take that will get you pointed in the right direction. If you follow the 7 steps I’ve laid out for you below, you will be able to put an end to any excessive trading losing streak and get on the path to profitable trading much quicker.... Continue Reading
  • Latest Post4 Self-Defeating Trading Habits You Need to Break

    By | Edit Post
    4 Self-Defeating Trading Habits You Need to Break
    Do you feel like you are your own worst enemy as you trade the markets? If so, you’re not alone. Many traders feel this way because quite frankly, they usually are their own worst enemies. Trading is perhaps the ultimate test of self-discipline and self-control, it will magnify your inability to control yourself in the face of constant temptation, or it will reward you handsomely if you possess this ability. Most people however, don’t possess the ability to control themselves consistently when it comes to trading the markets. The following four trading habits are common self-defeating mist... Continue Reading
  • Latest PostPerform a Trade ‘Autopsy’ Every Month

    By | Edit Post
    Perform a Trade 'Autopsy' Every Month
    As an ongoing learning tool, traders should perform what I call a 'trade autopsy' on their trades by carefully dissecting and assessing both failed and winning trades. For me, this kind of weekly or monthly trade review was an incredible learning tool when I was starting out, and it’s really what ‘sharpened’ my trading skills. What it really boils down to is asking yourself a series of questions about each trade after it’s closed out. You can make a simple checklist out of these questions or even add it to your trading plan at the end. Just make sure you do the trade 'autopsy' becau... Continue Reading
  • Latest PostPlaying The Odds In Forex Trading

    Playing The Odds In Forex Trading
    This article is written based on my personal experiences and reflects exactly how I think about and approach the market on a day to day basis. Here’s a close look into how my mind actually thinks every day when I open up my trading screens…Trading is all about playing the odds. You aren’t going to win every trade; an important lesson to learn early-on in your trading career. Buy by playing the odds, or trading the odds, you can increases your chances of making money. Playing the odds takes discipline, and it involves patience, but if you want to make money in the market, you’ll have to... Continue Reading
  • Latest PostWhy Boring is Beautiful in Forex Trading

    Why Boring is Beautiful in Forex Trading
    If you’re trading properly, it should be boring. You should be doing nothing most of the time and you need to learn to embrace, to even enjoy doing nothing in the market, because as I will explain in today’s lesson, a bored trader is often a successful trader. Boring is ‘beautiful’ in trading because it usually means you’re making money over the long-term. As opposed to the traders who are on an up and down thrill-ride through the market that is defined by high highs and even lower lows, a successful trader knows more or less what to expect each day as he or she enters their trading ... Continue Reading

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