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pic of nial fullerNial Fuller is Professional Trader, Mentor & Author who is considered ‘The Authority’ on Price Action Trading. After starting this blog in 2008, he has become one of the most widely followed trading mentors in the world with a monthly readership of more than 250,000 traders across 100 + countries, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada & UK.

On this blog you will learn how to trade forex with Nial’s proprietary forex trading strategies which he has developed through 12 years of trading experience. This site is Nial’s legacy to aspiring traders who share a passion to learn price action trading and achieve success.

Live Trade Setup – Pin Bar Signal On 4 Hour GBPUSD Chart


In this video lesson I discuss the 4 hour Pin Bar reversal signal that just formed on the GBPUSD chart. The signal formed at the key support level of 1.6680 in the direction of the prevailing up trend. This buy signal suggests price could potentially push higher into the recent high at 1.6820. Please remember to leave a comment and share it with other traders. Enjoy...  Nial Please Leave A Comment and Click The Like, Tweet and G+ Buttons Below :)

Weekly Forex Market Price Action Outlook – April 21st – 25th 2014


Weekly Forex Market Price Action Outlook – April 21st – 25th 2014 Check Out My Latest Trading Video - Live Trade On GBPUSD – 4 Hour Pin Bar Signal EURUSD - Euro/dollar consolidating just above support The EURUSD didn't move much on Friday due to the Easter holiday, but on Thursday it ended basically unchanged again after paring almost all its gains into the NY close and forming a pin bar, for the second day in a row. The problem with these pin bars that formed Thursday and Wednesday last week, is that they are in consolidation... Read full article →

What Professional Athletes Can Teach You About Trading


Your long-term trading goal is probably to become a professional trader, or at least to make enough money from trading to pay your bills each month. Statistically speaking, you're probably aware that the odds of you becoming a professional trader are not stacked in your favor. Similarly, the odds of any one high school or university athlete making it to the pros are also not too good. There are clearly some similarities between the minority of athletes and traders who make it to the pros. What are these similarities and what can YOU... Read full article →

5 Trading Tips You Need to Know Now

Whilst there is no ‘quick fix’ that will cure all your trading problems and instantly get you on the path to riches, there are definitely some things totally within your control that you can start doing now to significantly improve your trading results. In today’s lesson, I’m going to give you five tips which will work to significantly improve your trading results IF you follow them consistently… 1. Your biggest advantage in the market One of the biggest ‘keys’ to trading success is understanding the fact that in trading,... Read full article →

Develop A Daily Routine For Analyzing Charts & Trade Setups

forex trading analysis

Most of you know I publish a daily market commentary each day shortly after the daily Forex market close. What many of you probably do not know is that making these commentaries each day is part of my daily chart analysis and trading routine. I actually started writing down my thoughts about the markets each day well before I started this website, and it’s something I’ve done continuously every trading day for about the last decade. It's literally a habitual part of my daily life…if I miss a day of commentary for some odd reason, like... Read full article →

What Crocodiles Can Teach You About Trading

crocodile trading

Here in tropical Australia, the saltwater crocodile is a fearsome and intelligent predator known to wait patiently for days or weeks on end until unaware prey come to the water's edge and become its next meal. Crocodiles are by many accounts the most successful animal that has ever lived; they’ve been around for about 200 million years and have out-lived the Dinosaurs, and they’ve evolved over time to become perhaps the most successful predator on Earth, next to humans.  Crocodiles are opportunistic predators; they’ve been known to... Read full article →


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