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    What Forex Trading Was Like in the 1980’s

    One of My Friends Sent Me This Video Series. This is a great Video Series that Shows Traders What Forex Trading Was Like in the 1980’s. It’s amazing how different things are today. Please take the time to watch this cool video series, I am sure you will enjoy it. On June 4, 1985 the Enterprise cameras focused on the international currency market. Three traders, one each in New York, London and Hong Kong, are followed through one typical day. The stress, the responsibilities and the dedication of each man is evident as they work through a day of trading in Pounds Sterling, U. S. Dollars and German Marks.

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    Nial Fuller

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    1. Steve

      God i loved that video it brought me back to the early 80’s when i traded dollar/aussie for Australia and new zealand bank in nyc 120 Wall Street i so wish there was a way to get in touch with some of my friends from back then

    2. John Smith

      Well that was interesting !!! Two things, the dealers even now , or more now with hedge fund businesses, must be moving markets in the short term, second, the interesting comment about the American dealer, wait wait wait until it is right to enter the market, straight from Nialls thinking :)

    3. John

      Humbling!!…. and to think i was impressed with my abilities! :)

    4. Victor

      Just come across this video. I traded FX at BZW as a grad trainee until politics wielded its axe in ’94 and was sent to the back office a year later! Great video though…

    5. brian

      Nial, I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed this 80’s video! Fascinating and alot of fun. Amazing how things have changed-especially technology wise. Look at the way technology has allowed small retail traders to play in these markets.

    6. DEV

      it’s just amazing video….

      actually the overall trading psychology is explained in a very good manner…..really nice and must video for the newbies ….thanks nial….

    7. hilly

      What a fascinating insight! As a complete newbie (still learning basics, not traded yet), I agree with Dan (October 17,2012) that Nial’s way of trading is more preferable :)

    8. robert card

      wow very interesting. especially the “reuters pager” in leu of a laptop lol. Boy have times have changed!

    9. Rahan

      Have you seen their top technology items… Touch screen to go faster !

      So great because this is TRUE life. Piece of information never seen elsewhere…


    10. Cobus

      Just watching this series is an Adrenaline rush! Haha

    11. Dan

      that british guy looked like hell. NOT a way i want to spend my time trading! i much prefer nial’s way of trading the dailies in a relaxed manor

    12. Asad

      It was very informative and interesting but I think the tittle is not correct. Trading desk and the style has not changed at much and the traders still speculate, buy and sell the same way. Mode of communication and information gathering have completely transformed though.

    13. finjoman

      Cutthroat. Shows the odds are stacked. Risk management is key to survival. What would you say are the lessons to be learnt out of this Niall



    14. Zen Trader

      That was a good video!!!!
      I remember one of my trading friends telling me that anyone who thinks of making a living trading currencies after working in a bank that literally trades within million blocks will not survive for long.
      After watching this video I would gladly be a piranah than to go against a shark.

    15. paul

      good video, and nice, I used to work in barclays capital

    16. jason

      fascinating how 20 million could move the market back in the day…and jumping on the back of a rumour could reap rewards….
      not like that anymore with 4 trillion being traded every day.

    17. Michal

      Great videos Nial, the UK and the Asian are the big guys that push the price around. We would rather feel like the US guy, who plays around.

    18. Jeremy

      The Asian took 5 pips or so. The Scalper. The UK guy took 30 pips and the US guy is looking longer term. The UK guy say that even though in the daily they could move the market for their profit, it is the longer term that is important.

    19. AMIN MALIK

      Thank you NIAL for the videos. There is a marked difference. We must be grateful to the Developers of latest technology, that the trading has become for easier on charts.Videos are the eye-openers for Retailers to watch the quantum of volumes being traded in the market.

    20. HjMahmood

      Hi Nial,

      The great videos and shows that the price action is king for forex trade and others.

    21. mogelix

      Nothing has changed, this still is the best way of trading, the only difference is that now you have more noise. If you like there is a thread on FF about this called Pit Bull Trading.

    22. Danny

      An eye opener, thanks for the video.

    23. George

      Very interesting indeed.

    24. Joe Palsson

      Nice video’s. Great if more of this type of “life-style” videos are found. Always pays to look at history. Thanks!

    25. Tbird


    26. Keith(from england)

      Hey nice one, no candle sticks or bar charts either! I wonder what those guys are doing now? would be great to do a follow up doc! Makes you realise how important timing the entry is- something I need to greatly improve on…..amongst other things!!

    27. Martin

      Haha look at me mum, no charts!! Such a different world back then, makes for a very interesting video series. Thanks for sharing!


      Thanks my Prof Nial. This looks a great way different with what we are having today.
      Technology has made trading easy and affordable. Time and distance has been as well removed in trading. Most of all anybody can now become a trader with a token. But dear professor, ‘What is your own lesson to us from this videos’?

    29. thm trader

      Cool to watch how the old scholl boys do the trading

    30. hairol

      It can be true that the big player who bet millions dollar on forex is taking a profit from all small trader.

    31. Peter

      Thank for the video. A history worth viewing.

    32. Tavish

      Wow that was amazing. I can see how much emotion is involved with a lot of these guys from the chain smoking and chewing their thumbs off in anticipation. Also good in the second part to see the two characters on opposite sides of the trade. Would not be able to see this elsewhere so thank you very much Nial.

    33. Steve

      Richard Hill with hair! Were things that tough in those days? :)

    34. Gerardy

      This is very inspiring to me and made me realize how the big boy play!!!Loved it Nail. Thanks

    35. rikus


      Thanks for showing the past. This is an eye opener.



      10 hour day- call Hong Kong early successes are always reversed by trader fatigue. Diet may be important due to metabolic influence on high execution success rates. Price Action requires exceptional focus of an extraordinary level. Price follow through must be realized before entry and close before house out. This occurs within 1 minute. Any distraction whatsoever causes the highest losses, because the trader missed the cut-and-reset opportunity. Digesting food and economic news to understand where the price should be fundamentally is not a viable short-term strategy. Price action trading and rolling profits into a long-term strategy account is good if you enjoy break-even trading. Especially, a long-term position with a supporting contraian hedge.

    37. Fanie

      This is a eye opener! And yet on a daily basis I received SPAM Mail promoting robots that will make million’s of dollars on a standard trading account! Nial thank you for the information. Regards

    38. Jim

      Technicians they are NOT. Not a good example to any of us, at least not ME.


    39. johnny

      Dear Nial,

      Is it true that the big player who bet millions dollar on forex is taking a very small profit?

      As it mentioned on the video the hongkong trader bet 120mill but take profit only USD20,000. So for us a small trader betting win 30-50 pips is always ending up as a loser trader.



    40. Steve

      Nial, thanks for the eye opener. It was a very revealing video.

      Thanks again.


    41. Vickie

      ….talk about gambling your money! educational none-the-less though, thanks Nial….

    42. Lionell

      Thank so this amazing video. This video is defienately an eye opener to how much the big players influence the market. You’re the best at what you do man! Please keep them this coming!

    43. Kate

      Are the big guys still trading like that these days, no chart, no indicator? Very interesting. Thanks.

    44. Rudy

      Thanks Nial for showing us these vids.
      It shows us how lucky we are with charts these days.

    45. Lyndon

      Respect for those who have gone before.

      Note how Richards boss praised him as the best in the world because “he has no ego”. This remains the same even with all the changes. If our ego gets in the way we will loose money.

    46. MAREN

      Another cool materials from NIAL

    47. Patrick Humes

      Nial, very insightful videos, you need to post more of the like…thus gives us little guys insight into the real world of trading, i.e. did anyone notice when it was time for the Asian guy to sell, he had to it under the radar, so to speak. Thus, that is why I hear the smart money sells when they really are getting ready to buy big…funny how the market works, but these kinds of vids give us little clues we would not otherwise get elsewhere, if u know what i mean. Again, thanks Nial, please share more of this kind of stuff. It definitely can make a difference. Kudos & take care.


      • nial

        Patrick .. good comment.

    48. syed

      Thanks to internet the man on the street can trade

    49. Pete

      nothing like living on the edge, great insight into days gone by.

    50. ramas

      does anybody notice in 1 part at 8.45 how that trader keeps playng with his pen in his fingers.that was nice…

    51. Shiva

      Very interesting…enjoyed the videos. Thanks for sharing.

    52. Stevefx

      A real eye opener!
      Good leason on keeping ego
      out of it, and waiting for
      the right moment. Great stuff.

    53. Igor

      Is some of those guys still in business today?

    54. don from england

      Great Videos. Thank goodness for progress.

    55. Jonah

      Many thanks Nial, great video it’s really inspirational and interesting.

    56. Ramli


      Different time zone.


    57. James

      That is crazy cool . I will watch again

    58. Adewole Samuel

      indeed very intetresting

    59. Brian Bakker

      Wot no charts… seems you needed to have a mental picture of price structure then!

    60. Sam

      enjoyable videos Nial,thank you… Make’s me greatfully for electronic trading, without it i would’nt be an active trader on a part-time basis…

    61. acr

      Hi Nial, great selection of movies.
      Cool trading, looks the most pure form of price action, they traded with only price and nothing else, not only no indicators but also no charts. The best: a bunch of others money to play around….

    62. ironn

      That was nice!

    63. Nino Beige

      Very cool Nial! Thanks for sharing.

    64. David ong

      Thanks Nial for the video, the news trading part made me realize something while watching the video. Thanks so much.

    65. Connie

      Facinating! Thanks Nial

    66. David

      Just brilliant… absolute GOLD!!!

    67. clive

      absaloutly magic, I was twice their age when that was shot, so do you think im to old to be a newbie,noo waay, its all in the mind,have a great day

    68. zan

      Great article Thanks for sharing

    69. aHMED

      just goes to show how hard it was for them. and how easy it is for us.

    70. bradrtony

      I have not seen a single chart? Where they just watching “numbers” on the screen? Just following very recent momentum accordingly to fundamentals?

    71. MikeC

      Most interesting to me, wasn’t the shocking hairstyles or ‘old’ computers, it was that I didn’t see a single chart in any video

    72. sonisoe

      i dont think they need a plan because they are the “market”, they make & drive the price… as for us, we’re just tagging along and surely so with a plan…

    73. regina

      This so so cool! Thanx!

    74. Ken

      Quite an interesting video. Thanks Nial

    75. Gary

      You have to LOVE their trading plans, or lack there of…LOL Great Videos Nial

    76. graham

      Ha ha,great music.I like the Hong kong sting.All in b/w too.
      No ma or rsi.
      Happy trading,


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