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    Paul Tudor Jones ‘Trader’ The Documentary 1987

    Paul Tudor Jones- ‘Trader’ The Documentary “Leaked Video”

    You can now watch “Trader: The Documentary,” the 1987 PBS Film featuring hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. You can watch the video It’s 55 Minutes Long.  Paul Tudor Jones Documentary counrtesy PBS.

    To view this video please enter the password  ‘  view  ‘


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    1. Yury

      Hi Nial, thanks for the great video! Very useful as always:)

    2. Chris Adolf

      thank you Nial…for giving us a sneak peak into the real life of a legendary trader…

      not only a retail traders like us,gigantic scale trader also got stung by the agony of losing trade…one thing is, he carry on…even stronger

    3. John X

      Great video.

      Tudou is a Chinese site, not a japanese site.

    4. danc

      THanks Nial..GREAT..Dan

    5. Jim B

      Fun video. Smart guy, cut his losses at 5%, and has big cajones.

    6. Andy Di

      bookmarked it, watched it about 5 times already, thought it was amazing, really one of my favorite videos

    7. john G

      Hi Niall

      Great video .we need to give back to the community, its the joy of giving and sharing

    8. Tony Cockburn

      Great video Niall. I had a couple of guys like that as clients in London. Don’t go out to lunch with them. Half bottle of vodka gone and back quick for the afternoon session!!


    9. Jeff Taylor

      This is a great documentary. thanks.

    10. Adrian

      Hi Niall,

      Thought that was a very interesting video, looks very stressful taking such large positions at times mind.

    11. Ric

      great advice never goes out of style, thanks, ric

    12. Mike

      I could watch video’s like that all day!!!..I will absorb that info and evolve! :)

    13. Gabriel

      Wow; great video indeed; This is exactly what i want to do with my life to be a trader; but havent had much success lately trading the fx market; But this video shows us that loosing is part of winning; That even the best of the best take a loss now and then; and they feel the pain of loosing; But thier wins far exceed their losses; I’m inspired; Trading is not fot the weak of heart; Anyways, nothing is impossible if one keeps trying; thanks for the great video.

    14. Marian

      Thanks for sharing this great video.
      It really put things in perspective for me.
      ‘it doesn’t matter if you’re trading 10k 0r 1000k, the amount doesn’t matter , it’s the percentage change on that amount’ – GREAT Stuff!

    15. Richard


      Thanks for that!

    16. Gary

      Great Video, THANKS!


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