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Trading Articles on Trading Philosophy, Psychology, Money Management & More

The ‘Coffee Shop’ Forex Traders Movement
Here at Learn To Trade The Market we are introducing what we call the “Coffee Shop Traders Movement” today. This idea came to me recently as I was – surprise surprise – trading from my laptop while in a local coffee shop. I began thinking about how my... Continue Reading

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Forex Trading; Let the Market Do the ‘Work’
When we think of a “lazy person” we typically imagine someone laying around at home watching TV on the sofa with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a cheap beer in the other. One thing that we almost never associate with a lazy person is success or... Continue Reading

How To Remove Your Fear Of Losing Money When You Place Trades
If you’re going to be a trader, you’re going to lose money at some point, and in case you are still in the phase of trying to avoid all losing trades and searching for a “Holy-grail” trading system with a 75% strike rate, you should forget about all... Continue Reading

(My Secret Trading Weapon) – The Most Important Ingredient to Trading Success
Today I want to share with you one of my 'secret trading weapons'. This is something very real and practical ... Something that, if applied, can make a positive change in both your trading results and your personal life. There is one thing that I consider to... Continue Reading

‘Gun To The Head’ Forex Trading Tactics
Today’s article is going to revolve around one simple question: If someone held a gun to your head and told you that your next trade was a matter of life or death, what would you do? My hope is that today’s lesson will make you think a little... Continue Reading

Why You Should Trade End-Of-Day, Not Intra-Day
Many traders email me asking how they can trade with their busy schedule or say that they don’t have time to sit in front of their computer watching the markets all day. My answer is usually something along the lines of: "Well you don’t have to sit in... Continue Reading

The Forex Trader Vs The Forex Gambler
Today’s lesson is going to open your eyes and help you decide if you are trading or gambling, so I want you to read the whole thing very closely, three times over if you have to. You should read today’s lesson even if you don’t think you have a problem... Continue Reading

The One FACT About Trading You NEED to Know
One of the most important aspects of forex trading that many traders seem to be unaware of is that they should not expect any particular trade to be a winner or a loser. That’s right, it may sound a little strange, but it’s a fact. You see, even if you... Continue Reading

20 Simple Ways To Improve Your Forex Trading
In today’s lesson, I am going to outline 20 things that I personally do in my own trading and that you can start doing to improve yours. Please read today’s article closely because I spent a long time writing it for you and it’s full of solid tips and... Continue Reading

7 Things No One Will Tell You About Forex Trading
There are some aspects to trading that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. Especially, people trying to sell you expensive trading systems, some brokers, and other people who might have an interest in keeping some of the not-so-pretty parts of trading... Continue Reading

You Don’t Have To Be Right to Make Money Trading
It’s natural to want to have a high percentage of winning trades, it makes us feel good when a trade turns out to be a winner because we make money and we were right about the direction of the market. However, as we will discuss in today’s lesson, being... Continue Reading

Do You Have Problems Pulling The Trigger On Trades ?
You know those trades that you just 'know' you should take but for some reason you still don't? Does it drive you crazy to wake up in the morning and see the trade setup from yesterday that you passed on screamed 200 pips in your favor?...Have you ever said... Continue Reading

Low-Frequency Vs High-Frequency Forex Trading
Many Forex traders seem to think that by trading more frequently they are opening themselves up to more opportunity and that this will cause them to make more money. This is wrong; in fact, the main thing that high-frequency trading does is cause you to... Continue Reading

How To Develop A Profitable Forex Trading Mindset
In today’s lesson I am going to help you develop a profitable trading mindset. It's an unavoidable reality that your forex trading success or failure will  largely depend on your mindset. In other words, if your Forex trading psychology is not right, you... Continue Reading

How To Grow A Small Trading Account Successfully
I know that most of you are coming into the Forex markets with relatively small trading accounts. I also know that you want to grow your trading accounts while losing as little money as possible. While this is not an easy goal to achieve, it can be done if... Continue Reading

K.I.S.S. – ‘Keep it Simple Stupid Forex Trading Method’
The acronym K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. This acronym is as applicable to the field of Forex trading as it is to any. 'Keeping it simple' in regards to your Forex trading means keeping all aspects of your Forex trading simple, from the way you... Continue Reading

Over Trading Is A Forex Trader’s Biggest Mistake
Over-trading is perhaps the most prevalent trading mistake that Forex traders make. This article will fully explore over-trading and provide some solid tips to help you overcome this extremely destructive emotional trading problem. • Are you... Continue Reading

Case Study – Random Entry & Risk Reward in Forex Trading
A Case Study of Random Entry & Risk Reward Over the last two weeks I have conducted a trading experiment in order to prove a point to anyone out there who might be in doubt of the power of risk reward combined with price action trading strategies. This... Continue Reading

Trade What You See, Not What You Think
As a Forex trader, you have probably read that you need to control your emotions and focus on logic and objectivity instead of giving into the impulses of greed, hope, and fear. However, it is one thing to know you should not trade emotionally and another to... Continue Reading

How Often Do Professional Forex Traders Actually Trade?
This article is going to challenge some of your beliefs about trading, especially the beliefs you hold about how often you should trade and the consequences that your trading frequency can have on your forex trading account. Hopefully after reading it you... Continue Reading

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A Day In The Life Of Forex Trader Nial Fuller
In today’s trading lesson, I am giving you guys a glimpse into one day of my life as a price action trader. You can consider today’s article a diary of my daily activities over the course of a trading day. Hopefully, through the insight you gain in... Continue Reading

Warning: Beware Of Trading Forex News And Fundamentals
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 50 years, you know this blog is about price action trading. However, what you might not know is that I pay little to no attention to Forex news and fundamentals. In fact, I believe that focusing too much... Continue Reading

Do You Really Have What It Takes to Be A Forex Trader?
“Attention traders, Welcome to your first day of Forex trading boot camp, if you are not prepared to do what it takes to become a successful Forex trader then please pack your bags and go home now”… Today’s trading lesson is going to revolve around... Continue Reading

How to Build Your Own Forex Trading Plan
I get a lot of emails from traders regarding Forex trading plans, and from reading these emails I have found that most traders either do not have a trading plan, make their trading plan too complicated, or don’t know how to build one. So, today’s lesson... Continue Reading

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Daily Affirmations Will Improve Your Trading
This article is guaranteed to improve both your trading and your life. Don't believe me? Well I am living proof that the concepts in this article work. I am not just talking about trading here, I am talking about life, happiness, success and freedom.... Continue Reading

How to Achieve Your Forex Trading Goals
Every trader has the long-term goal of making a lot of money in the markets. Most traders want to trade ‘full-time’ and quit their jobs and be financially free. These are good goals to have as a trader, yet as you probably know, few traders actually... Continue Reading

Nial Fuller’s 5 Golden Rules of Forex Trading Money Management
Understanding how to implement Forex trading money management to grow your trading account is essential to the success of all traders. However, many beginning traders are largely unaware of some or most of the basic concepts of effective Forex money... Continue Reading

Nial Fuller’s 5 Steps Successful Forex Trading
Today’s lesson is the result of years of experience “in the trenches” of the markets (as well as about 7 espressos), and I think you will find some very helpful insight in the following 5 points. If you really take this lesson seriously and actually... Continue Reading

Psychological Differences Of Demo Trading & Live Trading
Many traders notice a distinct difference in their live-account trading performance vs. their demo-account trading performance. Yes, that’s right, you’re not alone here; almost every trader experiences a much easier time making “money” on a demo... Continue Reading

The 9 Secrets to Profitable Forex Trading
Today I am officially letting the “cat out of the bag”; I am going to give you my 9 BIG secrets to profitable trading…OK OK, they aren’t really “secrets”, but they are 9 very important things I personally do or have done that have helped me become... Continue Reading

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