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Nial Fuller Wins Million Dollar Trader Competition

Nial Fuller - TraderNial Fuller, a professional trader and renowned trading coach who has trained more than 15,000 students has won the $1 million top prize in one of the world’s most lucrative trading competitions.

Fuller, who has been trading since 2002, ended the Million Dollar Trader Competition with an impressive 369% return on investment. Participants competed over a 3 month period between February – April 2016.

“It was a tough competition and there were volatile market conditions during the 3 months of trading. Winning the competition was a balance of finding quality trading opportunities, applying sophisticated money management and having the discipline not to trade and risk giving up the lead,” Fuller said.

Fuller taught himself to trade during his senior high school years, originally taking an interest in the stock market and quickly moving into derivatives, futures, forex and other leveraged products.

He won the $1 million trading competition using his own proprietary trading strategy based on price action analysis.

“I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple and that is true with my trading style and strategy,” Fuller said.

“I’ve been trading with price action strategies for most of my trading career and these are the exact same strategies I’ve been teaching to other traders,” he added.

Fuller, who advocates a less is more approach, only traded a handful of times during the competition, mainly taking positions on major FX Pairs, Commodities & Indices.

There were several stand out trades where he continued to add to winning positions as the market trended, a money management concept known to traders as pyramiding.

“I’m not a day trader, I’m more of a swing trader, so I only traded a handful of times during the competition,” Fuller said.

“Being a competition, I knew I would need to take some risks and I tweaked my money management plan accordingly. Whenever possible, I aggressively pyramided into winning positions during trending moves, effectively snowballing the trade’s initial position size into a larger position size which substantially increased the risk reward ratio on each trade.”

About Nial Fuller

Nial Fuller is CEO and founder of Learn To Trade The Market, a global leader in professional trading education and training. His trading education service has taught more than 15,000 students since 2008. Nial is an avid blogger, author and market analyst. He currently actively manages his own portfolio.

For more information, please contact Nial Fuller on:

Email Or Phone via: http://www.learntotradethemarket.com/contact

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/NialFuller

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learntotradethemarket/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nialfuller

Source: Learn To Trade The Market

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  1. charles baxter says:

    Creme always Rises to the Top, Can’t think of a better deserving person than Nial Fuller who has Mentored thousands of struggling Traders around the Globe. Cheers Mate!

  2. Rahmat says:

    No doubt, he proved what he said. I think Nial using his most aggressive trading strategy during competition i.e. snowballing or pyramiding that can kill rookie traders if they try to use it. Congrats Nial guru.

  3. Sibahle says:

    Congratulation Nial

  4. ohiole abohi says:


  5. SS says:

    Hi Nial
    Thank you for sharing you winning formula.

  6. Andrew says:

    Congratulation Nial Fuller ! Will be joining your course as student and this competition you won proves that simple price action is all you need, and no clutter. just patience and discipline and sticking with the plan. Cant wait to delve into your course in few weeks time.

  7. idowu adeyemi says:

    Congratulations Nial,

  8. Imraan says:

    You deserve it Nial. Huge fan of yours. Well done! Really appreciate all your free education.

  9. Adnan says:


  10. Bernie says:

    Nice returns…! Price action (combined with sound money management) is definitely as close as anyone can get to the elusive, so called ‘holy grail’ of forex. I’ll be following this site (and Nial’s material) closer and am glad I gave him my money to be a member. Keep up the good work Nial! Woo hoo….

  11. Mitch says:

    Congratulations Nial,
    Comes as no surprise and well deserved. Your generosity in sharing your knowledge and methods to help so many people learn the to trade the market the way you do is awesome. Your course is brilliantly written and presented and simple to follow. Your no BS approach is refreshing and inspiring. I am truly thankful for your mentorship and ongoing support. Keep up the great work !!

  12. obinna says:

    congrats Nial,you are what you teach,you proved it.

  13. Nagaraj patil says:

    Congratulations Sir Nial…

  14. Eric (from Nigeria) says:

    Nial, Congratulations. This is quite an achievement! Pyramiding/Scaling into winning trades with strong trends provides exponential growth in equity. This is my learning point – besides good money management, precise position sizing and excellent trading psychology (NOT trading sometimes when the lead maybe at risk)

  15. Michael says:

    Awesome job Nial , congratulations

  16. Zoie Brytin says:

    Great job Nial. Congratulations! Am very happy for you.

  17. Aftab Ahmad says:

    Nial, I am impressed. I had left forex. Now, due to you I want to be back. Great.

  18. Brian Fritz says:


  19. Ernie says:

    Congratulations Nial !!!

    I love your course, it makes me think like a professional, you detail everything so well there is no excuse for not following through. I am grateful for having stumbled onto your site. I definitely know from your course that you do teach a most carefully thought out money management system that is based on risk/reward, psychology and what risk newbie traders should consider. It makes sense to me for the first time. I don’t usually comment much on sites but your generosity is so overwhelming that I felt I had to.

    Many Thank Yous

  20. Andy Timmango says:

    Congratulations Sir Nial , great achievement proving you are still the best mentor.

  21. subarmaniyam says:

    you are very consistent and well planned, that’s the reason you are at the top. Congrats Nial

  22. phumlile says:

    congrats NIEL,u are the best,keep on shinning like a star

  23. emeka says:

    pls sir, which timeframe were most of your trend trades? And is daily best in trading and identifying trends sir?

  24. Daniel says:

    Congratulations Nial !

  25. Promise John says:

    Congrats Nuller. You are great. You have just added another backbone to me with this awards. I will continue trading. I want to be like you. Congratulations.

  26. jason says:

    How can I be like you or how can I beat a mentor like you? Is that possible? But CONGRATULATIONS for being the best

  27. Serge says:

    Dear Nial,

    one more congrat from my side.

    Kind regards,

  28. walbaines says:

    Congratulations Nial

    The real lesson to take away from Nial’s success is the practical demonstration of his ‘practice what you preach’ approach.

  29. Lawrence says:

    Congratulation for your great achievement. That goes to prove that what you are teaching is the best method to trade. Congratulation.

  30. ashwani dhir says:

    I was confident that you will won the game.

  31. ashwani dhir says:

    you are the best coach in the world, Ihave learned so much from you. congratulations for winning the competition.

  32. Christopher Goh says:

    Congratulations Nail Fuller

  33. Mahendra says:

    Congratulations. You deserve it because you are sharing unconditionally your forex trading wisdom with us.
    You are going to achieve more success like you become very successful Hedge Fund Owner.
    May Universe bless you.

  34. FABIIO says:


  35. chijioke says:

    I have been reading a lot from your website and learning fast from your generous comments and advise. wish i could be your student.

  36. Santosa says:

    Congratulation Nial , you Rock …

  37. KRIS says:

    great stuff . congratulations !

    i won last year an competition where i was focused mainly on daily and H4 TF. you helped me a lot with some articles and also thank you for answering questions . my Equity was 327% with high risk in just one month. All i can say for newbies is keep risk management and thank you Nial fuller .
    best regards from germany

  38. John M. says:

    I’m proud to be your student!

  39. akeel says:

    I could retire on that, congratulation Nial,

  40. farnood says:

    Congratulations , so nice to hear it.

  41. franca says:

    congratulation Nial

  42. GustavoWoltmann says:

    You have amazing explanations of price actions. anyone who wants to learn forex trading should look at your stuff which has helped me tremendously with my trading.

  43. kessy says:

    Proud to be your student. i have not seen any so called “GURU” getting on the field to prove it. You a real fighter. looking forward to see much more actions from you and the team.

    London calling Mate !! hhhaaaaa…..

  44. Donovan says:

    Congrats Nial. Truly inspring.

    We spoke a couple years back on Skype. Found you to be straight forward and honest.

  45. Kings McSimon says:


  46. Blue says:

    Congratulation Nial, I wish I could trade like you.

  47. oricha abdulkareem usman says:

    congratulations u are a good mentor

  48. Yves_FX says:

    Hi Nial,

    Congratulations! You are a wise teacher/mentor.

  49. Haroun says:

    Its great being mentored by you and I just hope I can emulate this achievement in future or at least truly learn about being a successful trader.

  50. Amos says:

    Big congratulations to you, my mentor, instructor and coach. I am very proud to belong to your team – the winning team. Your rare generosity in sharing your trading secrets with others can never go unrewarded. This enviable harvest of winning the $1million competition is simply a natural product of hard work, focus and your open – heartedness. Keep the good work up. More grace to your elbow.

  51. Chris White says:

    Way to go coach…you THE MAN

  52. Pia Hausler says:

    Congratulations! My mum 71 year old and I love your way of trading! You are a humble man and you do a lot.
    Congrats once again!

  53. prasanna says:

    heartiest congrates Nial ,v.motivating to hear that you won , hats off to you .

  54. Werner Hanselmann says:

    Congratulation Nial from Switzerland for that competition in Australia

  55. Christelle says:

    Hi Nial,
    I was not surprised when they announced that Maverick was in fact YOU… step by step, your results let the others competitors far away behind you… Since the day I discovered Learn To Trade The Market, I never had any doubt about your method! I will never stop thanking you again and again… after 3 years I still read every articles you post and every daily commentary. You saved my life!
    From all my heart, thanks again for always being there for us.

  56. Julio Canas says:

    Congratulations Maverick!!! you were a tough competitor.. I was there too as FxPipHero… I did some weird things in the last month of competition.. I was always fourth or fifth place during it… greed got all over me on April!! :(.

    Congrats again Nial, you are awesome!


  57. Abbati Gumel says:

    Congrats! Niel. We hope to be in the same shoe in the nearest future. Once again, congratulations on your success of winning the $1million competition.

  58. pieter says:

    Amazing!…. Nial

  59. Mar says:

    Dear Nial

    Congratulations!!! for to be winer of contest 1million

    Kind Regards
    (wow…a million of price, I think… each position now will be 10 volume lot with ratio 4:1)


  60. Brian says:

    G’day Nial! Thanks always for caring enough to share the simple price action course with the trading community, and congratulations on the contest! Be well!

  61. Stephen says:

    Good job Nial! Scaling in to good trades – way to go. Every pullback has a story to tell.

  62. Leo says:

    way to go Nial !! looking forward to reading an article with all the details, trades, money mgmt, thinking process, feelings …

  63. Daniel says:

    Letting winners run, when it is time to do so, is a great way to improve results. Especially those tiny inside bars, and strong trends sometimes offer a great Risk-Rewards ratio, even if we just aim for the next big horizontal level or next “trend leg”.

    Then, sitting on your hands, 5 days or more, is something I enjoy very much.

    Thanks for teaching us “turtles” ;-)

  64. Tumusiime Derrick says:

    congratulations Nial, upon your big win, wanna be as successful as you as a trader. May God bless you.

  65. Catherine says:

    Congratulations Nial, you deserve it. I am glad that I signed up the course, your guidance and explanation are excellent!
    Thank you so much for your generous to share your knowledge and experience.

  66. Nuri Nazrullaev says:

    Congrats on your impressive accomplishments, Nial!

  67. Murray says:


    I am not surprised! Congratulations!

    Since coming to know about ‘Learn To Trade The Market’, watching your videos and taking your course, I can much clearer see the market. Having just recently joined LTTTM, your success in this competition confirmed by decision, and solidified my belief in you and your trading methods. I am grateful and honored to have access to your knowledge and wisdom. I look forward to learning about the trades that gave you this huge win!

  68. Darrell Vogt says:

    Nial–You are the man! You are my mentor! Will be anxious to see some of the trades you made during
    the contest. I’m proud to be a tiny part of your LearnToTradeTheMarket.com………………

  69. David Burrage says:

    Well done Nial


  70. Farkad Rahman says:

    Dear Nail,
    Great congratulation, you really deserve it.It is quite enough that a protrader like you share his secret success. You are following the same philosophy of of Andrew Carniege in sharing his 12 riches with the others .


  71. Monica says:

    Many Congrats, Nial!! Its really wonderful to know that you’ve shown all the automated systems and indicator traders that your simple price action IS the BEST way!!

  72. Richard Pope says:

    Excellent result Nial, not surprised as your strategies are excellent. You’re a real joker, no new friends have called me Dick in the last 30 years. All success in the future and I’ll be following you avidly.

  73. anne says:

    So happy for you

  74. Bruno says:

    Congratulations Nial for winning the million dollar competition !!!

    This is impressive. Your victory is sooooo enticing!

    Well done ;)

  75. Erika Villinger says:

    Further to my comment on the 21st, just want to add that I am proud to have you as my instructor. You are awesome!! Erika

  76. james says:

    Hi Nial ,

    HEARTIEST Congratulations.


  77. Jean Badenhorst says:

    Dear Nial –

    Many congratulations on your fabulous win !
    I am so proud that MY mentor was the winner – and what amazing proof of the philosophies you have shared with us over the years.

  78. Fabio Restrepo says:

    Do as I do, not as you hear. The proof is in the putting. You are one of the very few teachers that teach the truth, not the illusions. AND YOU HAVE PROVED IT WITH YOUR DREAM PERFORMANCE. I can hardly wait for your announcement that all of us are waiting for.

  79. fwillemsen@mac.com says:

    Hi Nial,

    Congratulation with your win, very impressive. Look forward understanding and learning your trade strategies.

  80. Tara says:

    Congratulations on your fantastic performance.

    Would you consider showing us your trades taken during the competition?

    Also, would you please consider letting us know what your risk reward and leverage were during the competition vs. your own portfolio?


    Beautiful.Good reward for hard work Nial

  82. Luca Serafin says:

    Nial is the best Price Action Trader that i Know.
    Well done.

  83. nanayaw amos says:

    congrats mr. Fuller.
    I thank God you have won such a prize. i believe is a blessing form God for your kind acts. i learn a lot from you , and even teach others what i learn too. looking forward to meeting you some time. Thanks… Cheers.

  84. Ruben Fernandez says:

    Hi Nial,
    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no doubt, I have the best Mentor, his name is: Nial Fuller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best regards,

    Ruben Fernandez

  85. LI SAN says:

    I sincerely congratulate you, you are great. In China, I can’t find a trader like you.
    I want to learn to deal with your approach, unfortunately, I do not understand english. I hope you will later launch the Chinese version of the website.

  86. Keith Crosby says:

    Congratulations Nial,

    Couldn’t ask for better proof that you PA strategies truly work.

  87. ABISHAI says:


  88. Malvika says:

    Congratulations Nial!! What a feat it is :) I’m sure you are a blessed man with a loving family who’s helped you achieve this at such a young age. God bless you!

    I’m glad that I chose you as my mentor for this new exciting & challenging career. Thank you for guiding!

  89. Juris R says:

    Well done mate ! Excellent.

  90. Marvin Philipp says:

    Amazing Nial, thats real inspiring for all traders. To me is the icing on the cake. you teach amazing but also perform it also. Hats off to you Nail. It is possible to make it in this business and do well!.

  91. Kalai says:

    Congratulations! You walk the talk!

  92. Solomon Oyeniyi says:

    Congrats Nial, you have surpassed them all.We are all learning from you.

  93. Alah Imang says:

    Congratulations Nial. You are brilliant, focused on your strategy and you are a great trader.

  94. pius says:

    Congratulations Nial

  95. Nnachi says:

    Congratulations and well done Nial. Your winning this top prize has shown , beyond a shadow of doubt, the effectiveness of the price action forex trading strategies which you espouse

  96. Michael Then says:

    My congratulation Mr Nial…..

  97. Michael Then says:

    Congratulation and Well done. Proud to be associated with you.

  98. Morteza says:

    Awesome achievement, Nial! Proud to have you as a coach!

  99. sayed alireza says:


  100. Raj Jadeja says:

    Many congratulations Nial……you are a star !!!!!!


    Congratulations on your successful win over the competition, it only proves that your method of trading is superior over other methods of trading.

  102. NAWAF says:

    Congratulations Nial

  103. ton hoa says:

    congratulations you are wonderful! I hope to learn from your experience !

  104. Godwin says:

    Nial, congrat, you deserve this. God has more crowns for you as you continue to expose the hidden secrets of trading Forex successfully. I doff my heart for you.

  105. Rutendo Brian Mawoyo says:

    wow wonderful,

  106. Corby says:

    Congrats my role model!

  107. Graeme says:

    Congratulations! More proof that your approach of keeping things simple and cutting out the noise is the way to succeed.

  108. Norah Price says:

    Congratulations Nial, you have proved that you are not only a great teacher but also able to win when ” the money is on the table”.

  109. Siva says:

    Awesome…congratulations… good wishes for all your future competitions…

  110. Richard Porter says:

    Top Man!
    Walking the Talk… Brilliant

  111. Gwings says:

    Congraulations !!!!!!!!!! no doubt about it that you are one of the sages of our time in the trading world

  112. AMIN MALIK says:




  113. MD ZULFIQUER ALI says:

    Congrats Sir. You deserved this award. You are always my Hero so far trading is concerned.

  114. WL Taba says:

    Congrats Nial, true to what you said, you practice what you preach in the market and it’s proven. You’re the best.

  115. Hastings says:

    You are a legend, Nial!

  116. Raymond says:

    There are not many traders in the world who can be successful in both trading and coaching.
    You are definitely one of them…Bravo!!

  117. Waldemar says:

    Congrats Nial !

    You proved you good and your system is working. Big win and confirmation for our community.

  118. galtarr says:

    I am pleased to hear this and congratulations on your success.

  119. Phil DeAquino says:

    Congratulations. Very impressive.

  120. Sihle Cebisa says:

    Congratulations Nial! It prove that you practice what you preach!

  121. Mustapa says:

    Congrts sir

  122. Bruce McCallum says:

    Congratulations Nial, very impressive result. I think the best part is you are a trading teacher. From the myriad of courses available from an array of teachers and alleged teachers/mentors very few actually put their money into the trades they recommend.

  123. JOSE RODRIGUEZ says:


  124. Gerald says:

    Congratulations mate, you’ve been in the trading business for a long time now so it’s well deserved! Trading on the Daily and Weekly Charts takes lots of patience but I have learned personally that it is well worth the long wait times once the trades take off.

  125. Erika Villinger says:

    This is wonderful news. I have followed you for some years now, and I always knew that your are a true winner! I have benefited from your education tremendously and I’ve learned that trust and confidence in your course, as well as your generous free trading instructions are priceless. Thank you for all you do. This is another provable case of the universal truth: “grow the seed to receive a harvest”. All the best, Erika

  126. Michael Giles says:

    Congrats, Nial, confirmation I have teamed up with a TRUE MENTOR.

    Have you given any thought to sharing with us members exactly what those trades were that brought about your success over the 3 months?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Will be writing article about how I won the comp soon.

  127. KRISTOFA OKENTA says:


  128. Sergey says:

    Hi Neil! I heartily congratulate you on your victory!
    I enjoy reading your articles, and I am sure that it will help me,, successful float of the Market,,
      In Russia, you have a lot of admirers. I wish you success. Sincerely, Sergey Kalashnikov.

  129. carlos says:

    Dear Nial.

    I am happy for you. As Once, Mark Douglas said. All traders can see the Moon, almost touch it. but only very few can go there. you can!
    Keep sharing it with us. thank you Nial.


  130. Al Fisal says:

    Congrats Nail
    You are one of my role model. Love nake chart and price action.
    Keep it up Nail :)

  131. Donald Haas says:

    Very glad to hear that you’ve done so well.

  132. DAVID BASSEY says:

    Am happy for you,Keep this up.

  133. Freddie says:

    Hey Nial,

    Congratulation for winning the Competitions Coach. Keep up the great work, your really making a difference by sharing your knowledge and wisdom.Thank you for being an inspiration to us. God bless you..

  134. Martin says:

    Well done Nial , you are the Daddy. This just gives us more desire to work hard and become a pro like you. By the way i do enjoy a good single malt, just saying. Enjoy it man. Cheers

  135. CHARLES says:


  136. Reginald Sipho Mngadi says:

    Congratulations man. You are a great teacher and you deserve this.

  137. OBADIAH JOSHUA says:

    congratulation my mentor.you motivated me the more

  138. Ruben Fernandez says:

    Congrats Nial !!!
    Without a doubt, you are the best !!!

    Ruben fdez

  139. Fran Alvarez says:

    Felicitaciones desde Colombia, un gran triunfo de un gran maestro. Congratulations from Colombia, a great victory from a great master.

  140. Arthur Dragner says:

    Congratulations Nial. You proved to all that your trading method works.

  141. Enoch says:


  142. marisa says:

    Well done Nial, this is good news. Pls keep sharing your knowledge with us.

  143. Lyn Tan says:

    Hi Nial,
    Ccongratulations on your success today. Your advice on the forex is great…easy to follow and easily understood…
    not complicated comes with good tips too.

    Thanks so much for the nice info ….in Facebook.
    I really appreciate it….your kind help and advice given to us.

  144. Craig says:

    Congratulations Nial, I’m proud to have you as my mentor.

  145. Satyam Shah says:

    Hello Nial,

    Congratulations!!! I m from India and following you since few years. You are great at your work and I see the first TA who taught and TRADE also. There are very few TA who teach and trade also and you one of them.

    So, salute to you and will take guidance soon…on PA

  146. James MIchael Needham says:

    Congratualtions Niall. You are an inspiration and role model for us all (- me included and I have just turned 80)!

  147. fxwess says:

    congratulations on the impressive 369% return on investment. truly inspirational

  148. mohammad says:

    Dear Nial Fuller
    comgratulion you deserve the prize
    you are smart and hard worke inaddition being an instucter and coach
    i wish more sccessess in life
    have a gteat time

  149. al says:

    congrats Nial this is amazing

  150. Rudy T says:

    Congratulations! This is an awesome achievement!

  151. Nigel Harvey says:

    It is the best of all possible outcomes. Price action vindication.
    We have the best teacher.

  152. Surendra Mishra says:

    Hello Nial Congratulations on your big award of winnings.
    Good luck
    Keep up.

  153. Felix Muhangi says:

    Cong’s Nial.This re-focuses those whose joints are getting shaky

  154. Jack says:


    Best regards and wish you continuously all the best!!!

  155. James Nkalubo says:

    Nial is a person who always gives to all people in form of his posts which are very useful to those intending to learn to trade and those in the know.
    It is known that such a generous people will always be rewarded at some point. Even the bible says so. It is no surprise that you have been rewarded.

    Congratulations and wish you further success in all your endeavors.

  156. James Mboho says:

    Congratulation Nail. You deserve the wining. i am applying your strategy it works.

  157. Brett says:

    I traded a $3000 demo to $25000 in just over a year. I had over a 50% draw down for several weeks during this time..and let the trade just run! 700%..!!!!! Try trading like that on a ‘live account’!!????

  158. Cliff Emery says:

    Kudos Nial… Once again you have proven the flexibility of your trading system.
    Totally adaptable trading…

  159. Cesário Neto says:

    Congratulations on your technique and your dedication.

  160. Aubrey says:

    fantastic Nial
    well done !!
    I hope to one day emulate your trading success with patience, discipline and perserverance

  161. Ray says:

    Hi, Nial, are we going to share it out or what!

  162. Justo says:

    Felicitaciones Nial, con el ejemplo se enseña más.

  163. Mauricio says:

    Congratulations +++, simple, this according to the nature of things, triunfa.- My best wishes to a great teacher. ++

  164. Gustav says:

    Hey Nail,

    Thank you for this article, it was necessary to allay the fears of those who believe anything read. I read a lot of stories of people doubting your $1million win, and after following you for the past 4years I have no doubt that you win fair and square.

    Those are just jealous sceptics who have no backbone or expertise in anything except to judge and criticise others who rise above them. You’re still my hero.

    Thank you again for being the best.


  165. Pieter says:

    Well done Niall !!! We are very proud of you !

  166. majid ali says:

    may god give u more and more congratulation!

  167. Fabio Restrepo says:

    Dear Sir

  168. john says:

    congrats nial , thats gret.

  169. Egba says:

    Congratulation . Price action is truly the best

  170. Hedra says:


  171. Steve West says:

    Well done Nial – a good job well done.
    winning this competition proves your system works and you should help traders become more profitable.

  172. tommy says:

    Congrats Nial on walking the talk! Very well done!!

  173. akinnagbe michael says:

    congrats Nial….you have paid your dues in the FX markets and you are reaping the results. This is a great win for you, i celebrate you once again.

  174. Jerome says:


    Congrats to you and your persistance to “Being The Best”.


  175. Sue says:

    What an amazing achievement! Congratulations! :-)

  176. jon D says:

    amazing – well done

  177. marco says:

    never posted on her before – well done!!!

  178. Nduka says:

    Congratulations Nial. I am so happy for you. Your trading strategies has been so helpful to many. Keep it up.

  179. Eve says:

    Waw, great Nial!

  180. samuel says:

    Congrats Nial! This will motivate me to go even deeper (again) into your courses! My best results were achieved when I was reading your articles and courses on daily basis.



  181. Timm Layne says:

    Hi Nial
    Congratulation , well done.

  182. Peter says:

    Congrats and a huge thumb up.

  183. Nick says:

    Well in Nial! The PA crew is beaming with pride….now looking forward to that article/ video of exactly how it all went down :)

  184. Rudy says:

    Congrats Nial…..

  185. Gabriel says:

    Nial, you are a great guy, investing all these efforts, time and energy to provide your fans with all the useful information required to succeed in trading. What better confirmation that all you teach is truly helpful could be other than the fact you won this competition ! Proud to be part of your team, Nial. Good luck and keep up the good work ! Gabriel

  186. Thim says:

    Your FX pair trades with several hundred pips per trade in winning, was it traded on GBP crosses e.g. GBP/AUD, GBP/NZD?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      The biggest trades where on AUDNZD, USDJPY and OIL.

      1. Thim says:

        Thank you very much for your reply.
        You are the perfect teacher to learn from in FX trading.

  187. luka namulanda ondiango says:

    congratulations Nial
    God has truly rewarded you. You have dedicated your life in helping many struggling traders like me to success with your wonderful education. Thank you for many articles that teaches mostly psychological of trading. The best to me is 80/20 principle I have read it a thousand times it really changed the I think as a trader.

  188. Tomasz Adamczyk says:

    Congratulation!!!Good job!!!

  189. Mark_Cockerton says:

    Brilliant Nial,
    your achievement made my day. Cheers!

  190. InfinitumN says:

    Congratulations! I joined LTTTM from Jan and have been learning for real for the first time. It is a surprise that while I was going with all the ups and downs in the market as a beginner the last 3 months, you was actually competing with your method and became the winner! As a member I look forward to the video later to learn further the set up details.

  191. marco says:

    Congratulations to won the competition ! Jason Bourne among Forex traders :-D I ‘m looking forward to the contribution by showing some of their trade !

    One of your Member, Greets

  192. patrick says:

    congratulates Nial, 1 million, wow, you got my attention.Great guy.

  193. Todor says:

    That’s my mentor! Congratulations, Nial!

  194. Michael Henderson says:

    Right on, Nial!!!

  195. Justin H Shin says:

    Congrat ~raatuu ~ lation ~ how you’re in joyful we’re too.

  196. Jeff Littlewood says:

    Let me help you out a little here Nial; – if you just invested your own money, – and enough of it, – then you wouldn’t need to offer courses………

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      I already do manage my own portfolio and trade actively. I don’t ‘need’ to do anything, I ‘choose’ to do it.

      1. Graham says:

        Appreciate that you actually respond here. Thumbs up!

    2. Dot says:

      I have personally spoken to Nial for a lengthy period of time and I do know he is one genuine person who loves helping people.

  197. Christopher Faught says:

    Dear Nial

    I want to start with a little WOOT for you and your 369% win. That is superb.

    I read your article about a week ago about using simple maths to increase profits. The 2 pyramid methods were very enlightening.

    You say that you had to take some aggressive pyramid entries to keep in the lead. Does that mean you didn’t always wait for a PA signal before you placed an additional trade?

  198. Moshiur says:

    Congrats Nial…… You rockzzzz

  199. Jo says:

    Contratulations! I have always thought your articles were brilliant, and your trading strategy obviously a winner!

  200. alex lee says:

    Congratulations Nial, you are the best..i so happy with you..

  201. Albert Wilson says:

    Congratulations to you Nial! It is a privilege to learn from you!

  202. nadette rudinas says:

    Congratulations Nial

  203. rajesh vishwakarma says:

    Conrgrats teacher ..its a good news for all of us who learn from you .

  204. rajesh vishwakarma says:

    congrats ..you rock .its a great inspiration for us as well.

  205. lawrence says:

    Congrats Nial for winning the 1M dollar competition.
    You deserve it because you PA trading approach is top.Above all you are very kind and generous,
    Am happy to be part of your membership,

  206. Jorge says:

    Hello Nial,

    Congratulation to your competition winning. I”ve screened through a few PA mentors and I was stopped at the LTTTM pages, especially the entry level training had been very helpful, persuasive, clean and beautifully written. There may be other good mentors as well, but I have to say the writing style is generous, concise and honest….both the writing & the strategy is very well-paced, so as to let traders to maintain maximum calmness and clarity.

  207. Josephine- Kenya says:

    Congratulations Coach Nial! This is excellent performance. I am delighted to be your student.

  208. Yusuf says:

    Congratulations Nial, you the best with Price action

  209. Alexander_Rus says:

    Niall, you’re really cool! I am very glad of your victory, as if you were together with the team! I regularly trade on your system, and always follow the recommendations of your trade. My profit is not as big as yours, but I’m still very happy that he learned about your trading methods and can apply them in their practice. This is an outstanding result! Thank you! )

  210. Lode says:

    You are the best Nial! Congratulations!

  211. Sonias says:

    Congratulations Nial. I feel proud and inspired to say that I am a member of LTTTM

  212. Mike says:

    Nial, what percentage of the trades were on the Daily time frame?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      At least half.

  213. Tamil Selvan says:

    James Bond 007 in Forex Trading……..go on Nail

  214. Mithun says:

    Great Inspirational news. Congrats to you too.

  215. Mithun says:

    Great Master. You are truly inspirational.Walk your talk.

  216. MaryCatherine says:

    I am proud of you, Congratulations Nial

  217. Christian Walter Salunga says:

    Congratulations Sir Neil! You’re such an inspiration. Thank you. =)

  218. zefi says:

    i just wanna say “WoWW”

  219. Patrick Grondin says:

    Congratulations Nial ! Im proud to be a newbie here and no there :) my English is not enough good to say more , thanks for all.

  220. keeta says:

    Congratulations Coach, You’re superb !

  221. TOJAH says:

    Well done my big Coach,congrats i am happy for you.

  222. Mustaffa says:

    Congratulations for winning the comp! really impressive!


  223. Miklos Nyiszli says:

    So you are using this ‘proprietary trading system’ that won the contest.
    Anyway a big congratulations for your win. Winning a long duration trading contest is no joke.
    Now price action trading is where its supposed to be..up up up there.

  224. adeel hasnain says:

    congratulations sir.

  225. Heinrich says:

    Congrats Nail, look foward to learning from you!

  226. read and think says:

    wonderful, i believe in your ideas about trading the market and now i am glad to hear about your achievement,, congratulation nail iam from morocco

  227. Honest guy says:

    3 months for such a gain only in a handful of trade? i wonder how much u risk per trade?

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      The risk per trade was increased because it was a competition and the aim was to achieve the highest % return in a fixed period of time.

  228. edubliss says:

    Congrats my mentor! i have learnt alot from ur strategies and articles. looking forward to achieving bigger things with
    the knowledge i have gathered from you.

  229. MT says:

    Not to rain on the parade but he took on a lot of risk to get these results. He had a huge draw down of what looks to be over 40% in a couple of weeks. This type of trading may work briefly in a contest over a very short period of time but is not sustainable long term. I think Nial would agree with me on this. .

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      MT, this was a trading competition, and the aim is the win. The dynamics of winning a competition are different to normal trading conditions and higher yet calculated risks needed to be taken.

  230. Hans says:

    Normally I never pay attention to these competitions. Due to their short period they elicit irresponsible trading behavior and insane money management, but it is very good to see an accomplished trader win this. Very inspiring!

  231. Sthembiso says:

    Congratulations man, you are such an inspiration.

  232. Lam says:

    Congrats Nial.

  233. FELIX says:

    Congratulation Nial…….. It’s well deserved.

  234. ALFRED KITHISYA says:


  235. Francis says:

    Congrats, Coach! Well deserved victory. Proud to be your student. Price Action rocks.

  236. Allan Clarke says:

    congratulations Nial well deserved confirmation of your teaching and “practicing what you preach”
    Allan clarke

  237. Josephine Mayangao says:

    Congratulations Sir! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us traders. God bless you more.

  238. Tajboy says:

    Congratulation Coach.

  239. Murugan says:

    dear Nial
    Congratulations. could you provide the trades so that we can re analyse those daily charts and become more stronger?
    thank you sir

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Murugan, I will be going over some of the trades I placed in the competition in an article/video tutorial at a later date.



  241. Simon says:

    Well in coach! Glad and Happy for you. Thanks for the excellent commentaries that you provide

  242. Michael F says:

    Congratulations on winning a 1 million dollar trading account.
    But wow you did really well and it was well deserved :D

  243. chokks says:

    Congrats Nial..Its another feather in your cap. I like your interest to train others to be successful traders.

  244. Dima says:

    Congratulations. Keep it up!

  245. Nishant Gandhi says:

    If I am correct you only trade a handful of times for past 3-5 months, how did you achieve such astronomical (369% returns) over a period of 3-4 months. Did you employ other strategies or you were just risking too much capital on individual trade? Just curious to know. Anyway Congratulations.

    1. Nial Fuller says:

      Nishant, I adjusted my money management for the competition, I had some big winners over several hundred pips on a few trades, remember as this is margin trading, the return was achieved on a 100 – 1 leverage account.

  246. David Wilson says:

    Bloody huge congratulations Nial. I’ve just signed up to your course and it looks like that was a winning choice !
    Your advice is straight forward, down to earth no nonsense, no bull, which is really refreshing considering what hype there is out there. good on yer and more power to your arm.

  247. Habib says:


  248. Darren B says:

    Hey Nial

    I would like to congratulate you on your victory in the million dollar trader comp.
    I have been in the industry for seven years and have been closely following you and your market commentary for the last four.
    There’s alot of information and ideas on trading out there in different places, but I can honestly say you are one of the only guy’s who clearly practices what he preaches. I was already confident in you as a trader but your win in this competition has really solidified my belief in you and your trading principles, and I’m sure you will now have everyone’s full attention. Keep up the great work, your really making a difference by sharing your immense knowledge and wisdom.

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