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Trade Ideas: GBPJPY, GOLD & CRUDE OIL – Nov 1st to 5th, 2021

Note On Charts: It’s important you are trading with a broker that offers True 5 Day New York Close Charts.

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Price Action Observations: A Double Inside Bar pattern broke down late last week.

Potential Trade Idea: Considering buying on a pull back to the 153.40 support level, and / or after a price action signal to confirm an entry.

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Price Action Observations: An Inside Bar pattern formed early this week. (price yet to sustain a break out in either direction). A potential bullish Fakey setup could form in coming days.

Potential Trade Idea 1: Considering buying the Inside Bar break out to the upside if it activates first.

Potential Trade Idea 2: Considering buying a potential bullish Fakey setup that might eventuate as a result of any false break lower before a move back up.

NOTE – You can trade Spot GOLD via the trading platform we use HERE.


Price Action Observations: A bullish Pin Bar signal formed at support late last week. Price moved up slightly from 2 successive Pin Bar signals recently.

Potential Trade Idea: Considering buying on a pull back in prices (within the range of the bullish pin bar signal), or after another price action buy signal, whilst the 80.60 support level holds.

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  1. Tim

    Thank you Nial for the weekly update.

    Much appreciated,


  2. sam


    Thanks for this insightfull information, it has been profitable.



  3. Tom Nagle

    Hi Nial,
    I am guessing you would now be long Gold near 17701771 level on the bullish fakey. Where would you have your stop (market currently 1762) ?

    thanks Tom

    • You don’t yet understand the fakey, this is an incorrect observation.
      The market would need to move back up to complete a false break lower and trigger an entry higher.


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